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Mr and Miss International 2008!

Attended the 'Mr and Miss International 2008' event last night hosted by the SIMS, Southampton International Medical Society . Though I am not an international student. Having had bought the ticket very reluctantly, I was not planning to go to the event as of the work load I have got to do. Not just the studies but also some other work, like packing and cleaning due to the process of moving house!! Very hard work. I think I am getting used to moving houses, and by the time I graduate I will be an expert in knowing the processes of moving house step by step. I did not want my parents to come down to help me as this becomes a routine kind of thing every year.

Coming back to the SIMS, this was my second event of the international medics to attend. I had been to the last year's event as well somewhere around in March if I am right. As I said earlier, I did not want to go but changed my mind in the last min. because my friends were too worrying that I was going to miss the enter…

Know Nomophobia !

Everyone would certainly have heard this in news few weeks ago. A brand new phobia has been added to the existing long list, called Nomophobia, that is No Mobile Phobia. The feeling of fear and anxious of being out of phone contact. Not surprising though!

I always try my best to cut down the time on phones because of the fear that it is one of the things which cause tumours of the nervous system called gliomas. Now, Nomophobia! But I don't think it is gonna change the way I use mobiles as I hardly use mobile phone for hours and hours. Mobile phone is now an essential for everybody and life is otherwise hard! It is one of those things that evolved the human life style. I don't know how many other diseases and phobias are going to be discovered on mobiles but as of now, just give it a break! My fear of mobiles has gone upppp and wondering if I should give a try stop using mobiles! Nevertheless my wish of owning the new arrival of Nokia in the market is still the same ;)

This news …
At home, came for the tamil New year tomorrow. Although this is the last weekend of my Easter vacation and I ve got tons of work to do, I made this trip because I didn't want to miss wearing new clothes, going to temple, eat sweets and more importantly getting my kaivishesham ;) ...well, on the whole I didn't wanna miss the joyous, spiritual and eventful Tamil New Year :). For what do I visit home if not for new year?. Having a good time even though its not for any longer than a day! And I don't think I can make my next visit until around the 2nd week of may for my niece's birthday!

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year!


It snowed!!!!! Yay! It is unbelievable but great that it snowed while I am at home for a week on holidays. I missed every time it snowed last year as well as a couple of weeks ago this year. And I have cribbed about this in one of my previous posts. It is in fact amazing to snow in April, in Spring! Had a fabulous time with friends at the park throwing snow balls to each other...the spirit of the happening :)! We tried to make a snow man but didn't work out and all we could basically do was, just to make a slightly bigger snow ball ;). But we didn't forget to take pictures with the big snowman some people had made and left in the park. Haha. Well, there were many people who did the same anyway! I wish it continues to snow for at least a couple of more days.

Couldn't resist and leave the extraordinarily wonderful nature without clicking away! A few are below and I will post the rest soon. Until then, leaving with the palpation of today's joyous moments....

Day Out

It is April fool today. And I am not going to deny the fact that I had been fooled :) . Anyway, had a long day out with four of my friends. It was a day out plus a birthday treat. Been to Pizza Hut, had lots of Ice cream... one of the unlimited refills there. :) It had been a long time since I last had ice cream. Couldn't resist the shopping as we went to the PizzaHut that was inside the West Quay shopping Centre. I can never walk pass a shopping place without at least giving a look around.Very shopaholic I am !

We then decided to go to the port site as we were only a few minutes away from the Southampton harbour. Everyone knows what Southampton is famous for! The Titanic! It began its journey from Southampton port to NY before meeting the unfortunate and worst marine disaster ever. We had a great time looking around the place especially at the Mayflower Park nearby the sea. Spent most of the time there in the park, playing like children on the swings and sea-saws after a long time…