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The Fourth Kind

Not sure whether to believe it or not. Abductions by aliens is nothing new to the Hollywood anyway. And thoughts about movies based around aliens have never stayed in my mind after about a couple of hours leaving the cinema. In fact, I am not a fan of UFO movies. But this one has left me with a lot of questions partially because they claimed that the movie was a documentary based on real events. I have read that there is no evidence of Dr Tyler's practice, nor of her registration in medical record after FBI's research. Ah well. All in all, I thought it was an interesting movie but not evidently sufficient or convincing enough that it is a documentary.
But, I did feel that fear for a couple of days though.

H E L L O =)

It has been more than 2 months since I've started this year and it feels like a very short time. I have done my Paeds, which was good. I was thinking that I was gonna play with children, spend time with them bla bla, but it was the normal hospital setting where there were under 16s instead of adults. And they are there because of a health problem so you don't really get to do anything other than taking history, examination etc. But interesting cases! I loved Portsmouth hospital though I had to travel everyday. I have no idea how 5 weeks flew by and I can't believe I am blogging about it after so long, though it doesn't feel so.

After my paeds, I had a week of GP placement, which was also good. Now on Mental health. Had a couple of weeks on Old age psychiatry and now doing Child mental health. Going okay-ish but there are constant assessments throughout the attachments. So almost every/every other week we get to face assessments. But I like the fact that this year is kee…

Friendship award

I had been given this friendship award by Kanagu. Thanks Kanagu :)
Now this is to reach all of you from my side. Hemu, Vani,Pratap, Priya (PJ), Aneesh, Suree, Karthik (youngistan) and my dearest non-blogger friend, Naima :)