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Walking along the new year that has just come, it feels like I am not having enough progression. I am craving for more motivation and some things to happen in the way that they are supposed to. The way that every step takes off  for everyone. Having a lot of troubles on the way does make you become stronger but at one point, it does also get annoying to the limit that it makes tired. I am not tired yet and I believe that God is not going to take me to the give up path. If not the give up path, I hope it is also not the worse path but the right one. Perfect one. The perfect road where I am supposed to walk or run or whatever. The right one even if it is pausing for however long. At the moment, I am sitting at a side, with no signs that could lead me to the next turn. The helplines are barred, or I would rather say the signs that should instruct me are so blurred that I can't even see. My eyes and mind are still waiting for it but I know that a little more energy is needed to stand …

Happy New Year

Another year has gone by! We are into the new year and one day has already gone in a blink. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all have had fun with the new year celebrations.
Peaking into the past year would give me a lot of memories. Holiday, though short, was one of the great things. Along with the goods, had some downhills too. Never  mind, climbing back on it was what I cherished on. 2010 had also been one busy year. Another year has come our way to give us opportunities to learn, love and give. I wish you all a very happy, successful, peaceful and a prosperous year 2011! God bless.
Take care. x