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One of my dreams :)

City apart. in Victoria/Battersea

I know I've got too far to go to even before start dreaming about this. Yet cannot avoid flying in my imagination world with my many 'wantings' ;) although they are slightly over the line...... :) The pictures were taken from The Batterseareach brochure.


is something that Id never done in my life. Best to say that I did not get a chance to do any gardening as I had never taken any responsibilities until I move out of home to Uni. Uni life is teaching me a lot outside studies too. From cleaning to moving houses ! Believe me or not, when I went to do work experience at a nursing home in sutton to make my personal statement look good for the medical school, I had a very shameful experience of that.....hold your breath.... I did not know how to toast bread in the toaster. And when one of the staff works there asked me to help with toasting bread I had no idea what to do with the toaster. I had to put all my shyness aside and ask her 'how do I toast it, could you show me first..'. There were some other experiences like this but I am not gonna tell you pps here ;)

Now, gardening....... yes, for the first time I have done gardening with my friends today and I am really proud about it. It was such a hard work still. Got some cuts on my…

The S names Translated

This is just an attempt to interpret 'The S names' from my previous post for those who have names starting with S and can't read Tamil.

As the Sun shines on these people, they have their distinctive characteristics of being alert, careful and precise in whatever they do. Regardless of the fact that they are honest, sincere and justice, they have their own times of exceptions whenever they wanted ;)

Spirituality, loyalty and integrity are some of the typical features which distinguish them from others as specials. Always respect the elderly and have their own circle of people around them wherever they go. As elephant as memory, tiger as courage and mountain as good characters give prominence to be unique. They have faith in prayers as well as strongly believing in success from hard work to reach their goals. They may be down to fame and others may use this for their advantage. Several parties will want to employ them for their good qualities.

They gradually go up and up and al…

The 'S' names

I found this article from one of the topmost daily newspapers of Sri Lanka, The Veerakesari. People who have names starting with 'S', just like me and those who can read tamil will find this interesting. Characteristics of S's :) Don't you think what they say is true? Veerahesari; 04022008

House Hunt!

I am back..with my second blog. Nothing interesting is happening around me at the moment. The daily routine is going on as usual. Started haunting for houses again. This is the third time we are needing to find a house to rent around our Uni. area. The first one was not quite the right choice. Well, we did not have any choices other than that one at that time, I should say. As it was the first time and we never had any experiences on what you should actually look for when you want to rent a house, the choice went wrong. And there was another fact that forced us to get that house despite its condition was that we had only a week to move to uni. The house was okay but it was the travelling time and the entrance that we did not like about. So we planned to move out when the first contract for 6 months ends.

Again we had a lot of trouble finding another house. It was a Friday last year when we broke up for the Easter holidays. And having had not found a house, we were all worried and did n…

My First Blog

Finally into Blogspot! I hope I get to know/do interesting things to write here. I was thinking of creating a blog for ages, but just got the time to actually do it. I will look forward to write a lot and until then, ciao :)