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Back to base

I have just submitted my assignment. Managed to finish it on friday and did some polishing up yesterday and submitted today. Though I was not in any rush, felt a bit nervous when I clicked the 'submit' button. Hmm...wondering whether I should have waited to submit on the day of the deadline, monday 12.30pm. Anyway, Thanks to sarves who has helped me with finding some neuro books.

Waiting to watch the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, which is releasing on the 12th. I haven't seen the original version. But hope it turns out to be time worthy.

Wish you all have a great week ahead :)

Below are some of the pictures from the diwali ball. Sorry about the copyright symbols was the photography people! And sorry...I can't add other pictures as all of them are group ones. Here you go hemanth!

Life as Placebo

I have been writing very little these days. Neglected my blog once again and to explain why, it is the obvious reason that could possibly stop most of us from not posting enough. Time. Am preoccupied with other things. Which are keeping me away from the blogging world. This is usually the period of a year when we get busier like in May/June. Assignments, SSU...etc. I am not getting anywhere on essays. really. So stressed out. It is getting busier ans busier as time passes by. I guess it will be the case until you reach a point at which you decide to turn back to see how have you lived all the years and sometimes you will feel that you have not achieved enough to be proud of ...though you have reached your main goal. Or sometimes you might be thinking that whatever you have worked hard to reach was pointless. Sounds confusing? I am typing this as my mind races on. And speeding up. And this post may have no uni-direction at all.
As you grow up, you tend to have too many expectations in l…

I wish...

Just got back home a couple of hours ago from Paksoc event The Eastern Touch plus a birthday party. Both went okay. Strangely, while at both venues, I felt, or rather wished, that I was in SriLanka!! Or India even. I miss you my mother land!

Another day...

Weather has been unbelievably bad today. Windy and...rain and....fog...! Got stuck in a flood near Uni. which was about 50 foot or so (I am so bad at predicting miles and yards of smaller distances). Uni is just 10 mins walk from my house so though it was pouring off madly, I decided to walk. Giving my umbrella a day out :) And I was damn shocked by the flood on the way just 2 mins from Uni...and I think the water must have been up to half way of shin. I just stood there, trying to work out how to get to the other side without getting wet. Wished I had my car with me at that point of time. But then, I would rather not get my car dirty though ;) So, seeing me standing there, no one else wanted to get wet and they were all standing. And I had this idea of getting into the portico of the houses in the street and then somehow across the other side. I definitely did not want to get wet, so I didn't mind walking through other people's portico. Though it is not very nice. Hmmm... But…

The Ladder

There has been a lot of things going on simultaneously these days. Happened to go to the Diwali Ball and Yo Machan. I am not feeling very well also. It looks like an on/off system that the fever is playing on me. Gotta catchup the lecture notes, clinical etc. Additionally....I have an assignment to do as well.

I came across this image in my pharmacology lecture.. I thought the description given about the image was interesting. Besides any kind of my personal views. Thought to share it here. Just a short piece of simple explanation.

According to what I had heard, the person who is standing in the left of the image wearing coat belongs to the upper class, the one who is upstairs to the middle class and the third one belongs to the working class. It is concluded so because the upper class is giving the instructions, the middle class is actually doing the work and the working class is just holding the ladder.

NB: To those of you who are confusing as to what has it got to do with Pharmacology…