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Journeying in life

What a variety of people you come across throughout your life. It is true that a long time is needed to get to know a person at least half. I just can't imagine how some people can turn so self-orientated. I don't know if I have already met a person in the extreme spectrum of selfishness and an unkind mind. But definitely, some who are significant enough to be placed somewhere along the nearest. All I have been thinking is, after having lived for sometime adjusting down and sometimes standing on the ground for rights, which still feels so indecent to go down to their level to achieve something, I wonder if this is one of the initial stages of my life to meet people of all characters. It also makes me think on the other hand that if I could get away with some people with extra-ordinary annoying attitude, I can get along and away with anyone in the future. Not sure. Remains to be seen whether most people are like this kinda souls Or is it just that I have met one of the one in t…

End of Med.

I realise, for the past few months, I have been writing here only at the end of every attachment. Almost. and just one or two otherwise. This is also one like that. I have just finished my Medicine block and starting Obs&Gynae from next week. No more winchester, no more travelling. Medicine block is a blur when I think about it, didn't get much clinical experience I wanted. Hoping to get more out of surgery block in terms of clinical skills.
I am not sure if I am going to like Obs&Gynae, a little excited and a little worried as my part of the brain with the repro physiology seems to have disappeared. lol.

Most students have started their easter holidays already. Unlike the previous years, we no longer get a month of Easter break but 5 days instead. How unfair! Just a few days more than a weekend, thats all. And thats in April. Long to go. Grr! I will be most likely sitting in this village and revising for exams!

Anyhow, hope you all are having a good weekend and have a good w…
Whatta sunny day out there! It is so bright and sunny very early. It's sad I am going to be stuck in uni for the whole day. Grrr. Everything is so good,...things have come perfect together but there is no chance to go out and enjoy the weather. But hey, god knows if this is going to last even till mid-day but by the looks of it, it probably will. Why couldn't this weather show up like this during the weekend but on a Monday?! Argh.
Anyway, hope you all have a productive week ahead...take care :)

2 years

Just realised it has been 3 years2 years since I stepped into blogging. It looks like I ve been more idle in blogging for the past few months but I hope to get back on the track soon. And... I don't have much else to say. :)
Take care all.

PS: I am sorry guys, that was not 3 but 2. lol.