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A shiny rainy day

And yes, I woke up with the sound of rain this morning, all grey and rainy :). There are two things that can bend and blend with my mood whether I am happy or sad... and create a harmony within my self. One music, two Rain.
The weather is expected to be wet with heavy rain for the whole day. And what a great pleasure, I have no GP or Hospital session this afternoon!! This is a magic moment, when things come together so well :)
The continuing rumbles and claps of rain make me feel so ease with the world. Becoming more tranquil and feeling an inner peace as the earth absorbs the countless drops of purity from the sky. I wish you, who are reading this, that you may also feel this very moment, many more times when the nature gives you immense joy, jewels you with beautiful smiles and showers you and the whole world with peace :)
Things have been pretty muddled up at this time. Several things to take care of. Everywhere I turn to, something is on pending to do.
Academic pressure on the other side with deadlines looming in. It is always the april-june time when things start to get hectic. There is much more to do and say, but I stop here. I hope and pray for things to get better soon. Sorry about this whole ranting post. One thing to happily add is the award from Priya Joyce. Thanks a lot PJ :) I pass this to everyone of my blog friends.
Wishing everyone a great weekend :)

21st Century health hazards for women

Saw this on the MSN site which, I found was interesting. Thought it might be informative as well to share here. For those who didn't give a read or have not come across. It is a little too long to read but worth it.
So this is the exact article: The way we live and work and the planet we inhabit have all changed massively in the last 61 years and the health dangers that threatened women when the World Health Organisation was set up in 1948 are very different from those that pose a risk to today’s generation.
Today is World Health Day and we've taken a look at some of the issues posing a risk to your health and happiness and how to avoid them.
21st Century health hazards for women
Back pain
A massive 80% of adults experience back pain at some point according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and for some people the problem can be severely debilitating. Our immobile modern lifestyles and the spreading obesity epidemic are merely exacerbating the problem. Back pain, unfo…

Cute Blogger Award

So this is another one. From Hemanth. Thanks :)This cute award(s) :) now goes to; Nithin, Pratap, Sawan, Vani and Viajero.I should thank Hemanth again for giving this opportunity to pass on this award to you all :)

Honest Scrap

I have been awarded Honest Scrap by Pratap. Thanks a lot Pratap, that was very kind and thoughtful :)
I shall now kindly give this award to; Aneesh, Hemanth, Karthick, Kumiththa and Priya
Past few days had been pretty busy. Thursday was a disaster. We had to attend a wedding on thursday and ended up our (not mine) car being broken and some properties stolen inside the car. Could not believe it happened. In the city of London. They had broken the door window very cleverly so that they broke the smaller one to cause less damage. It still counts though. And one of the things stolen was a TomTom Navigator. And you can clearly imagine what would the resulting struggles have been. We had no idea of how to drive back to home and the city itself was quite complicated with the signs. So we asked a few people for directions to a nearby Argos store to buy a new navigator and none knew the exact way and we ended up taking the risk of driving with the available signs and stop when we come across an Argos or electronic store or somewhere we could buy a nav. Although we had gained a vague idea of how to get to Holloway road (place where most people said an argos is likely to be found…