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Happy Birthday


This post is meant to be published tomorrow according to UK time, but it is already 27th in India so I just want to write & publish this straight away.
Two of my dearest blogger friends are celebrating their birthday today. One, the cute and lovely PJ. And two, Aneesh who is skiving off the blog these days ;)

Happy 18th Birthday to you Priya :)
Have an amazing day & hope this year brings you all the luck and successes you wish for :)

Happy Happy Birthday to you Aneesh! Have a fantabulous day with lots of fun....& hope this year will get you every happiness you deserve. Hope you see this...:)

I Miss

the cinemas, the Thai pier restaurant, the beautiful docks, the shopping mall, the theme-parks, the beaches...I am already day-dreaming the post-exams days plus summer holidays. Hmmm.....can't wait for July to come....

Random thought

Have you ever happened to realise that you give so much of importance to some people you meet throughout your life, at a point you think that it will last for the rest of your life. And after a few years, you and the importance you had for them remain the same, but they aren't.


Several things in life change by time. How we used to cherish friendship everyday when we were school kids, how we thought friends are everything, how we shared every little secrets, sorrows, happiness, how we had little fights between friends about friendship. Once we leave school and go to college, we find new friends and then we get a little more busier. Thereafter we find a job, get new friends and then I am not sure how friendship is looked at that phase, which remains to be seen in my case. But the reality is that people do begin to change because of the changing lifestyle. You lose and gain a number of friends throughout your life, but only a few remain worth for what you had shared and …

Here you go...

Cakes...and...pasteries....and....Wine....and...Biscuits...and...Ice creams...and...Milkshakes...

Warning: Don't have too much, they aren't that healthy :p

PS: Sorry guys I should have mentioned. This is a treat for me hitting a century on posts. lol. It's not like a big victory in the world history :p but Hemanth and Sawan wanted a party with wine and, so these are for all of you! (sounds kinda childish but I would have def got these in real if I could meet up with you all -who knows it might happen one day :) It would be awesome if it happens!Have a good sunday....and a good bank-holiday on monday (those in uk)

Reaching hundred...

Yeah I made it 100, although it has taken me a while -more than a year.
I don't count my posts and in fact I did not realise I was going to hit 100 in my following post when I had written my 99th. Thanks to Vani for reminding. I must admit that I am still very much a newbie, have not quite gained on how to write attractive posts. What writing meant to me here, in this blogging world was that it was a way for me to stamp my thoughts and words of life. So I wrote. And I continue to write. And, I am not sure what I am supposed to write in my 100th post to make it special because most of my posts so far have been just about sharing what I am up to and my thoughts. So I just want to take this special opportunity to thank all of you out there. This post is dedicated to all of you, for the support and courage you have been giving me.
Thanks a ton to each and everyone. Love you all! :)