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09 Feb 2012

This space has become a place I use to rant more than anything else these days. I do not expect people to read my posts but this is like a journal of my own that I write what's going in my mind > shouldn't be problem as long as it is not directed to anyone in particular I guess. So you read at your own risk and interest (I am saying in a good way:).

It has always been a case in my life that good things happen only unexpectedly and the expected things always turn out to be bad. And unexpected things happen only rarely. I still have doubts and confusions over how I have been making my decisions and directing myself towards achieving my goals.
I don't know if this happens to others but there are moments when I think my life couldn't get any better with what I have and moments when I think the other way around.
I thank God for meeting some nice people who have directly or indirectly kept me going but in another way, being overly nice kinda stops you from progressing in …