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These cute pictures are from Hemanth. They are so sweet :) thanks hemanth!

Shubh Diwali

Happy Diwali to everyone!

I will be in Uni. on Diwali! So no celebrations for me :( No fireworks or nothing. So sad, I know! I was home for this weekend, well since thursday evening. And leaving to Soton today and Diwali is tomorrow. Couldn't miss this monday for diwali as I have my GP (clinics) session, which is compulsory to attend. But I haven't had a diwali celebration for years and years since there is no National holiday for Diwali in Britain and I never dared to miss school. I can't remember when I had last celebrated diwali in my life. Hmmmm.
They are holding a diwali special at the local mandir in So'ton tomorrow but I am not sure if I will be able to make it as it depends on how early I will be heading back to uni from the greatBasingstoke, where the GP Surgery is located. Last time it was almost 7pm.
However, I am looking forward to attend the Diwali Ball conducted at our Uni. on 4th Nov. Have never been to one yet so I guess it will be very exciting to me.Anyh…
Couldn't think of anything to write on but thought to leave some words as it has been a week since I last posted. I wish, as many others that I had more than 24 hrs a day. This weekend was a blink. Didn't do much other than trying out some cooking, which I am majorly not into. Usually. And nope, I can't cook. Well, things like sandwich and boiling rice in the rice cooker are exceptional here ;) I didn't even know how to make tea when I came to Uni. and until my friend taught me how to. Yesterday passed by with shopping and cooking with friends. Mum wouldn't believe that we cooked. When I occasionally say that I am gonna try and cook something when I am at Uni. house, she ignores me as if I am talking impossible and carries on with whatever she is doing. Or otherwise just smiles. But after the cooking experience this weekend, I really don't think cooking is a hard job. It's just about mixing and boiling of things in right amounts. I believe.

So tomorrow is Mo…

Moving on...

Today was the first day of my GP (General Practitioner) session. The only fact that I am not happy about it is that the distance I have to travel to the surgery in Basingstoke, which is almost an hour drive. On motorway. They were supposed to pick us up at 1pm from the Uni. according to the printed info in the handbook, and we were waiting and waiting until one of us had to ring the office to find out what was happening. And then only we came to know that the pick up time is infact 1.40pm.

The session went okay. It took some time to recall the stuff we did last year. Well, it did for me. My GP teacher and the group are nice, verrryy enthusiastic ....but again, why did they have to send us to Basingstoke!! The first day actually made me go grrr! On the way back, there was a long long traffic jam caused by an accident. So we had to wait still for about half an hour and as the traffic finally reached the junction where we had to take the lane to Southampton, the traffic police stood there…

Dandiya night

Had been to the Navratri evening last night at the local Mandhir in Soton and we, the Uni Students had been invited to the Garba.
To those of you who don't know, Garbha is a Gujarati traditional way of dancing around the deity in a circle. The Dandiya dance. The event started around 6.30pm but I could not get there on time as I was stuck in traffic on the way back to Soton from home. I reached soton at only 8pm, dressed up quickly and managed to get to the Mandhir at 9. I had to go to Wembly in the morning with family and got back home very late, again due to the traffic jam. It was a day of travelling. As soon as I got home, grabbed my stuff which I had already packed before leaving to wembly and made my way straight back to Soton. And trust me, all I had that day was a cup of tea. Mum was not happy about it. Yet, I left and rushed to Soton to be on time for the festival. But no luck, I was late.
The garbha was too great. I had a fabulous time. It was funny too. Some of us had no i…

Yet another year

and another birthday in my life Today. But this can be counted as one of those special fascinating number birthday. A key bday.. and one that hopefully leaves some good memories. Well, I feel no difference and to be honest I kinda have the feeling of having a usual day. Since the end of school days birthdays became less exciting especially if its on a week day and then it has to be that weekend when we can have the celebrations. Like last year, this is a travelling day. I am missing my lectures and going home. To go to temple, be with my family and stuff like that. And most surprisingly, I am very glad that this day happens to be the Saraswathi Pooja of Navaratri.

Just started my Yr 2 this week. And the first day back to uni, yesterday, was unbelievably tiring. Had only 30 mins lunch time after the lectures, before the hospital session. And I ate only a bar of chocolate for the whole day and walking around the wards all the time was much tiring than exciting.
Okay, I don't want to …

Saranya needs

...this is another tag. Thanks Priya.
I have to type in "myname needs" in Google and bring here what comes up there.

The first page from google had given me only one result with the 'saranya needs' phrase. And I don't know how many I had to put here so I had to explore somea lot more pages..and could find only a few!

Saranya needs to learn to act freely
No comments.. :)

..and Saranya need a special mention. They have lived the role of struggling parents who pour unconditional ...
This made me laugh... about some movie stars..

Saranya needs some redressing in the second half. ...
huh? whatcha sayin..!

Sharanya needs a service provider that gives free unlimited messages!
Hehe, no thanks. I am already wasting most of the text allowance I've got.

Saranya need more inf regarding difference in oracle and ...
and...?I initially thought this was going to be an easy peasy tag, but it isn't :) It depends on how common the name is. I guess. I am not gonna tag anyone for this on…