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Iam down with cold and fever for more than a week now. It has now advanced to an ear infection. Have had the cold since two weeks before but I kinda ignored it. As usual. I hate taking tablets..especially antibiotics. But I should have taken the warning signs seriously.....
Now hating it....Most of my holiday is ruined...planned to do some revision over the holidays but I am unable to do anything.....*Sigh*..all gloomy atm!

Merry Christmas To All

Christmas Eve!..was evidenced well on the way back from Soton to home. Whatta traffic. Reached London almost around 2pm but it took an hour to get around to home. Phew! Everyone is out...and looking forward to tomorrow...excitingly. You can see people busy with their shopping..with smiling faces everywhere :) This year's Christmas is better than I expected...I was thinking the Credit Crunch may play a huge role this Christmas, making people to down-budget their Christmas but it doesn't seem so. The decorations of the streets are no less than previous years either. Nice.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
Have fun :)

Attractive or Was it?

This was a fast-food place in the middle of the path shopping centre, that they do temporarily on certain days of the week, not quite but like pavement shops. Clicked this away just before I entered the shopping mall. (Some other people started to take a picture of it, so I also went a ahead). It was spinning around, seemed like it had been hung there to attract people. I think I must have had spent about more than 4-5 hours inside the mall, and when I came out, only the skeleton of this thing (pig?!?) was left. I was scared so didn't stop there to take a picture. But was amazing to see the entire skeleton without a piece of flesh left. All must have gone into people' stomach. Don't mistake me, but I thought it was disgusting.

Homosexual and HIV in India

was the title of an article in one of the recent BMJ magazines (British Medicial Journal). I was shocked reading it, the way the government and doctors take homosexualism in India. In fact, the doctors are refusing to treat those patients who are homosexual and HIV positive, according to the article. And it is believed that homosexual is the most cause of the HIV spread in India.
Having been holding hundreds of campaigns for Aids awareness and India being one of the countries with high prevalence of AIDS, it is ridiculous that the health professionals are judging the patients on their sexuality in order to be treated. The doctors claim that the patients don't declare their sexual practice to the physicians. But according to the article, homosexuals can be sentenced of life imprisonment in India. In that case, how a patient will declare his/her sexuality? This discrimination is what resulting in many cases, not coming out to get tested because of the fear of getting arrested, which …

I'm Lovin' it

Holidays are sooo much relaxing :)..Say waking up late, without the alarm going off or the need to set it in snooze a couple of times before getting up...and as you wake up, a hot cup of coffee/tea comes to you to compromise the cold of winter. And then get ready. Eat. Drive around the shopping centres, have some fun at home, watch movies...sounds awesome? ;) Don't hate me guys, this chilling is not going to be for so long as I have exams coming up in January :)

As on holiday, I get to drive around a lot. The driving mode of me had been in idle for sometime after passing driving exams and getting a car. In this few days of driving on my own, the cover of one of my car's side mirrors has already been complimented with a long line of scratch by a wonderful cyclist, who was over-enthusiastic to squeeze in fast between the cars while waiting at the signal lights :(

Have been watching random movies as well as those that I missed. Every time I go home, I see several DVDs of films whic…
At home on holidays. Having a great much fun with my nieces, driving around a lot and watching a lot of films that were in my missed list. I am watching Tare Zameen Par at the moment...well, its in pause while I am typing this cos I had to come up to do a photocopy. So now going back to the movie... I ll be back soon :) Ciao :)

Bumble Bee on the Rose

Happened to click this away while I was roaming around our garden with my camera sometime ago. :) It's not the best shot but I still like it :D

Annoyed after cancellation

Of today's lectures. Due to the very eventful weekend, I could get back from home to Uni. house only this morning. Still had to miss twoone (just heard one of them was also cancelled ;)) lectures in the morning cos of the late arrival. Rushed to the hospital as soon as I got back. And thence only I got to know that all the other lectures were cancelled. Didn't even receive any emails about it. Duhhhh...I could have had more sleep as I am lacking of it since friday! Feeling very annoyed at the moment!

Happy 21st

A semi-self-explanatory title there. Many more happy returns of this wonderful day to dear friend Kumiththa!

This day last year, we were celebrating your birthday at our shirley house :)...and this year, today, at your home. I am sure you are going to have an awesome day with lots of fun and presents. So no complaints about not cutting birthday cake with family this time :) You definitely deserve this 21st celebrations cos you are such a great friend...always jumping here are there... murmuring oh sorry singing (in your terms)at times..being serious but funny most of the times :)..So let me remind you that this is time for you to grow up though you should have already started thinking about maturing after turning 18. But don't worry, its not too late..We ll have a discussion lately, after your celebrations on this. (note: cos this is ur birthday and because am wonderful, you are not allowed to have a go at me on any truths I am writing here ;)

Okay serious part...I must admit that y…

Holding on all that can't be left behind...

Its really weird how you lose contact with people who had always been around you for a significant length of time in your life. They would sometimes flash in mind when coming across a place or situation that was shared or spent with them at one point of time. Be your best friends, family friends or neighbours...etc. are almost.. the constantly changing elements of life, whether you like it or not.

How did I come about blogging this? The present few months can be tagged for birthdays in my calender. So many birthdays!! All of them are of my closest friends. And thinking about my birthday, it feels very strange that every year, at my birthday, either there would be some new comers or missing ones. I give a huge importance to friends in my life and I continuously realise that at several points. Whether they keep in touch or not, whether they forget to wish me a special greeting or not, I will do what I have to do as a friend. I also keep a lot of things that had been gifted to me for as l…