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Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!! 
I hope you all had a great Xmas. May this festival bring a lot of joy and peace to this world.

Thank you to a kind stranger

Some one walking past my house knocked on my door to let me know my car headlights were still on. It had been on for four hours and this person had the kindness to leave his luggage that he was dragging to the side, take his earphones out and knock on my door. Some of you may think this is not much at all, but I think, in a world we are living like this, this is a lot. Thinking about it, if my car battery dies in the next few hours (happened before) and it's Christmas tomorrow, then the weekend, boxing day and so on, I don't know if I could have got RAC to come and re-charge it for me. I don't know how I would have gone to work tomorrow. (Yes, I am working on Christmas day, 4th consecutive Xmas that I am working. NHS you see.).
Anyway, coming back to the point, I wish that this person who was kind to me, has more kindness and happiness from others and that his new year will be a good one. 
Be good and kind to others and you don't have to work hard to earn your own hap…

The World is breaking up into pieces - Krishna Nee Begane Baro

Such powerful and beautiful words. When I heard this today, I just felt this was the most needed words at the right time. I wish this world is a much more peaceful place. Everyone is  a human. That's all it is. And some people completely fail to understand this, which is really really sad. 
"Everybody is fighting with their brothers, everybody wants control, don't hesitate to kill one another........ and Religion is the reason the world is breaking into pieces"
"They need a teacher and you're the only one..."


Life continues to teach us so many things and I continue to learn.

I wonder how much someone's innocence can be perceived as naivety. There are times when someone puts him/herself forward to help out but ends up being used as an extra pair of hands for something that only needs one hand. Not valued for who they are. Quite sad really. It's like a  poor child being given  the most childish explanation if something couldn't be afforded by the parents so, making up a lie  to not hurt them...and when the child grows up to an adult and reviews things in the memory and realises the painful truth behind the lies or the alternative temporary happiness that was given instead. 
At times even these people are awake to the fact that they are being undermined, it is the true innocence that pushes them to still choose the (painful)way it leads to.  And still be nice. Innocence, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Regardless, the unconditional trust that an innocent puts towards the other…

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

And the christmas season begins. Christmas is a magical time and it brings a lot of happiness when you go out to the streets in winter despite the freezing cold. I haven't realised the time is so near until visiting Southampton. The isle of Wight hasn't woken up yet. I miss the lively London. It's the best place to be in the month of Christmas. Sigh. 2nd Christmas in a row in this lonely island. Cannot wait for a year to pass by to spend the next christmas in my home, London. Anyhow, loved roaming around in WestQuay in Southampton , shopping on my own and enjoying the festive feeling. Here are some photos from yesterday.

We are your Junior Doctors

A brilliant video, to the point and educational. A must watch for the public of UK. Well done to those who put a lot of work into this. Please do watch.

We are one profession, We stand together

Happy Diwali / Deepavali

Wishing everyone a very happy Diwali / Deepavali.

May this auspicious day filled with the divine light bring endless of joy, prosperity and brightness to your home.

Celebrate safe :)

My autumn madness continues...

I heart autumn

My favourite season of all is Autumn. 

It gives this feeling of happiness, colours and the gentle rain! Nothing can beat it. 
A quiet evening on the sofa, watching tele with a hot cup of tea or the company of a novel. The golden parks. Those mornings filled with rays of the Sun and sprinkles of rain gracing the grass and flowers. Heaven! It's a season of tranquility and more importantly, the season when Christmas feeling enters in.....along with Winter!
I heart Autumn.

Thank you note to Siobhain McDonagh MP.

I'd like to dedicate this post to my local MP who has signed the EDM petition supporting the junior doctors. We, as a family and local residents have always had huge respect to the Rt Hon Siobhain McDonagh MP for Mitcham and Mordern and she has once again proved that she's one the best MPs. I thank whole heartedly for her support although I am working in Isle of Wight at the moment. Respect to you ma'm.

I really hope that this government realises that this new #JuniorContract is nothing but a threat to NHS and it's employees. It will force people to find alternative ways for living. It is not in the interest of the public, including doctors who are also human beings and part of  the public. I love my job. I love the satisfaction I get at the end of even a stressful day that I have worked my self hard to make someone's health and well being better. There's no other job that I can think I could replace with this feeling of worthiness I am getting from living my li…


A must watch video for everyone who uses NHS. A good summary of the life of junior doctors in the UK and this briefly explains the problems with the new contract. I am very surprised that many media are keeping quiet on this issue. This shows how junior doctors are supported or listened by the whole system of politics.

Back to the island.

Back to the Island again. Boring and monotone. 5 days at home went in a blink. I am still tired and I still want more leave. Phew. Having said that, I think I did have some good quality of time spent at home. Bed-tea, mummy's food, short naps on couch watching tv. Hmmmphhh, now back to start night shifts. To be on the feet 12 hours running around and answering never-ending bleeps. Sometimes repeating the same answer to the same person ten times in 1 of a (I was typing junior but realised not a junior anymore - theoretically), so, life of a baby senior doctor - this is what've decided to call myself now. Cannot wait to get out of this island. Exactly the same way I felt when I worked here 2 years ago. I don't remember how I forgot so easily the hardships of living in this island, before accepting to come here to work for 2 years.

Beautiful Ryde Pier Head on a winter evening :)

Ryde Pier Head
Isle of Wight

Customer Service and whatnot

I cannot explain how much a mobile phone company is troubling me. It makes me think why technology evolved. I wish it was a simple postal +/- landline communication life. Internet has been a huge knowledge boosting technology but the troubles it gives are not worth it, I feel. Life would have been much more easier and simpler and happier.

When I was on the bus to Newport, Isle of wight on my way from Cowes, a drunk man on the bus was making irritating comments over how technology has grown and how annoying it is. He was saying that these technologies have become a show-off of wealth and companies are trying to trick people into losing money plus everything needs a support of a computer i.e. for e-mail communication. This drunkard man was threatening people in the bus not to use their mobile phones on the bus and he kinda got too excessive with his comments and ended up swearing and insulting the innocent bus driver. At one second, I was scared what was going to happen if my phone ring…