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My bookmark

I possessed a bookmark, which was living between the pages of my many books for almost 6 years! It was not just a bookmark, but a precious gift from one of the teachers of my high school. Another speciality of it was that, that bookmark was released as a special product during the 250th Anniversary of The British Museum. And, as per my nature, I keep gifts of anything very special and do not throw them away. This one, the bookmark was so special as it was from a teacher...and the whole point of this ranting is that I've lost it! Have been searching for the past two days and still no luck. :(
Now, as always, I wish there was an invention which finds objects at home like we can search and find words on computers!

I'm on holiday!!

At home!! Wowww, how good it feels like to be home :)
I'm on Easter holidays for a month from today. Yayyyyy!
Had a good day out yesterday with friends to Portsmouth beach and some other abouts. Also happened to watch Marley & Me. I was actually sobbing for the last ten mins of the film. Hehe. Luved it.
Haven't got any plans on how I'm going to spend this one month. But honestly, one month will fly away like a week, I am sure. I will be obviously watching movies, shopping etc. I haven't done a good shopping for ages, so hoping to do that over this holiday. Have a good weekend :)

I have been tagged!

Tagged by Sawanand I should write 25 random things about me. Just wondering if 25 is long, never mind I am just being sarcastic! Thanks Sawan.

"Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about YOU. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you."

Here you go...
I love cats :) they are so cute...aren't they?I cried and didn't talk to my sis' friend for 2 days for hitting my cat, when I was 13 years old.I have a lifelong dream of having a house near the beach so to wake up seeing the sun rise everyday.
The void envelopes left on the tables will hardly go to the bin without my single scribble, at home. And for this reason, mum bins them straight away before I change the texture of the envelopes and waste ink. The first password I ever had was 'London' and it was not chosen by me.I have a nickname "Sanu"I seriously hate being on the phone for ages. I very so…

Spirituality In Care, IPL Week 2

Another Friday 13th of this year. But I had a fairly fine day though ;)

IPL is over! Audit submitted, presentation done etc. I had a very nice group of students from Southampton and Portsmouth, everyone was keen and contributing. I was very glad. So, today was The End of IPLU2. Next one will only be in the 5th year. Thanks to the group... and our facilitators who assisted us to complete this audit. Just a quick note to those who are wondering as to what I am talking about, an audit was conducted on Spirituality in Care by a group of students and for more see my previous post.

I have learnt a lot of things from this IPLU2 unlike last year, which was just about getting to know the roles of the other health professionals. But this year's IPL has been great. I was wondering what I was going to learn about ?Spirituality? in care, but it indeed plays an important role in mental health and still needs to be given much more space within the care plans. Many people do not know what spiritual…

IPL Week 1

On my IPL, WEEK 1 -Inter Professional Learning. This is a part of the course where we are allocated to different places as a group. There are only two of us from the Medical school and the rest would be other health care professionals including Nurses, OTs and Social workers from either the Uni. of Southampton or Portsmouth. And we have to work together to complete the assigned tasks. I had this last year too but this time it seems very hard and serious. The aim is to do a clinical audit on Spirituality in Care for the HPT (Hampshire Partnership NHS Trust).

Spirituality in Care is an interesting subject but a difficult area to Audit where it complicates the quantifying part. What also makes it harder is that Spirituality is very individual in nature and cannot have a gold standard definition. Only 2 days have been ticked off of the scheduled 2 weeks. It still sounds more or less vague on how we are going to assess the Audit report and presentation. Presentation.....ohhh...the worrying p…