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Merry Christmas

Wishing very merry christmas to all you wonderful people! Hope you have a fantastic day!
Love xxx

Happy Diwali / Deepavali

Better late than never...
** Happy Diwali **
and I hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali!
I hope this festival of lights brings all the joy and prosperous to your homes.


Happy :)

Had the best day of my life on thursday! Very very happy and Thank you to God for guiding me in the right way, my beloved family who always supported me all the way and all my true friends!

Just beginning to wonder how complicated life is and I keep asking myself why on earth do we spend most of our life, most of what we do to satisfy others when we don't even know what they want. But we think from their point of view and come to an assumption that this is what they would want and act on it. In the end, we don't do what we want to and whatever we do in the view of a fear for others will get criticised anyway!! Are we living for them?. 'They' who will not come and solve our problems when we are in need. (With the exception of parents, who have unconditional love for their children). But coming back to the point, why do we....why do we have to think about others before we do every single thing as long as you live a life that you know is not harmful and is only towards whatever your goal is. Society should be there to ensure that the community is following certain rules so that there is discipline but not a group of people who continuously peek their nose in…

09 Feb 2012

This space has become a place I use to rant more than anything else these days. I do not expect people to read my posts but this is like a journal of my own that I write what's going in my mind > shouldn't be problem as long as it is not directed to anyone in particular I guess. So you read at your own risk and interest (I am saying in a good way:).

It has always been a case in my life that good things happen only unexpectedly and the expected things always turn out to be bad. And unexpected things happen only rarely. I still have doubts and confusions over how I have been making my decisions and directing myself towards achieving my goals.
I don't know if this happens to others but there are moments when I think my life couldn't get any better with what I have and moments when I think the other way around.
I thank God for meeting some nice people who have directly or indirectly kept me going but in another way, being overly nice kinda stops you from progressing in …

Happy Pongal

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous pongal!!!

Happy New Year 2012

After a very long time on blog. My first post of this year. Happy New Year 2012 to all of you out there!! A week has already gone past just like that, and this gives me a shiver when I think about how this year is going to fly by so quickly. And there are reasons why this year is going to be the most important and a nerve wracking one of all. Let's see what it holds for me in store, although the past week has not been impressive. I wish things were simply the same as how they were 100 years back because that era required purely human brain and a lot of hard work for everything. Whereas, nowadays it is a struggle between the amount of resource available to you and we don't even know where we stand. There are people who know a lot more than the others and it becomes a head tail matter in things like job interviews. This is because nobody knows how much someone deep diving in this ocean of knowledge open in front of you and I feel like I'm so lost in this. Without a direction…