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Greetings to all

Thought I should write something before it turns too long without blogging. Lots and lots of things have been happening wrt studies and life. Errrm, 3rd year is quite busy and I am just not in love with my Medicine block at the moment since I don't like Winchester. For many reasons. One being, my car. It had to be fixed and was in the Garage for 2 weeks and I got it back only a week ago. And I had to travel by train until then and walk up and down the hill everyday.
It feels like 2010 is moving slowly. I have no idea why. May be its just me. March-June is the hectic time for all the students. Argh exams! Intermediates exams scare me when I think about them. Not looking forward to it all all.
Anyhow, hope you all are doing well and having a good weekend :) Take care.