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Snowfall and long white winter!

The whole country is annoyed by the snow at present. Driving and public transport are disrupted quite badly, and it is in a way a shame that UK cannot afford to manage this well. Yes there is credit crunch, but this white-winter is something that was anticipated by everyone, so there should be a reasonable level of preparation. Uni's and school had to be closed for a couple of days last week due to grit shortage. UK is running out of Grit! What a disaster. No more snow loving. I would love to accept this weather if it was safe to drive or if it was safe to walk on the pavements. Well, at least the main roads stay clear, which is appreciatable. I do love the snow but I want my street cleared. I was expecting the snow to be melt by this weekend so that I could drive home but by the look of it, its gonna continue to snow and make my driving halted further. I am, at the moment, getting lifts from my friends to go to my attachments, which is good so far.

Hopefully, it stops snowing or t…


Hope the new year is treating you all well so far. I have started uni this week but it already feels like a long time. Teaching sessions for the last two days were cancelled, most annoyingly after getting to the hospital all the way from so'ton to winchester. It is snowing heavily in the south with lightening and driving is gonna be impossible tomorrow especially on the motorways. Even if the weather gets better, I am not taking the risk. Don't want to skid and hit, and no way I am ready to face a huge cost of repair. Above everything, a cough is bothering me for two days now. Not liking it a bit.

I had been to London Eye with friends to watch the fireworks on new year midnight. It was absolutely stunning although the fireworks were for only 10 mins. But I hated going through so much hassle to get back home. It took us almost 3 hours in the crowd to walk to the train station which would normally take only 5 mins. The amount of people who came was crazy! The police could have be…

Welcome 2010

How bad I have not wished any of you happy new year. While at home, time seems to be flying faster, as usual when you are on holidays. Here is wishing every soul in this world A very happy New year.
Although I had not wished anyone on my blog, it was soooooooooo sweet of Priya (PJ) to type me a comment with wishes. That was so sweet and thoughtful of you dear. My special new year wishes for you :)

I wanted to write a little bit about how 2009 went and to have a review about the goods and bads. But I realise, rather than looking back, I just want to pray for myself and for the whole universe, to have a year with more happiness and peace, a year with more successes than failures and a year for everyone with no tears and more smiles. Wishing everyone again a happy new year.