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Asia Cup 2008

Happy Birthday to Sanath! A birthday bash with a century of 130 for 88! SL has sauntered into the final brushing aside Bangladesh... High chances for SL to meet India in the final on 6th and if so, it will be a repeat of 2004. Fingers crossed!

Surveys and all...

Just finished a survey! Answering a terribly looonng survey is boring! I don't mind doing them on paper or Internet. But imagine two come in when you are about to go out ....and sit in your living room asking questions after questions, very time consumingly, though they had said that they'll only take a few mins!! Phew! The worst is asking things like 'what were your thoughts when you saw this ad on Tv' blabla.
It was something about a marketing research, they said and I now realise why dad ignores these when they knock the door or call!..Hmmm... Time to leave now...

From our garden....

Decided to take the camera out as at last to try and get rid of the ennui...explored the roses in our garden and gave a shot....


I am bored. On summer hols. I was looking for these days so badly during exam times and now that I miss all that stress! For how long could you sit and browse? I got bored of MSN few months ago, bored of radio, movies, facebook and reading is the only thing I am finding to be okay to spend my time these days. I don't really like gossiping over the phone with friends either. What shall I doooo! Could go out but need more enthusiasm from friends and on top of that, there are not many interesting places left in London to visit. Bored of all..


Had a quite an effortful day today. To begin with, I had driving lesson in the morning. Went okay..! I had to make my way to the bank praying for luck. I can imagine you all thinking why. I had my £250 kaivishesham notes in a bag, folded in Pan leaves for months. Kai Vishesham is the money we get from our elders, especially from parents on the Tamil New Year. And they give it in Pan leaves as a tradition.

Okay, coming back to the point, I had the notes and coins folded in the leaves for 3 months till last week since the Tamil new year in April. I usually deposit it into my account; the whole point (of mine) is not to spend it. And this time, as I was quite busy, did not get the time to deposit and kept it as it was given to me in a bag! And guess what happened over the 3 months, the leaves got dampen and sodden and also partly dried. The notes were sticking on to the leaves!! I finished my exams last week, and that was when I got the time to open the bag. It was really a hard time for …

Sevva Thosham and Science

At home! Had a good day today. Went to the Shiva Temple as it was PradoshaViradham today. Apparently, it was yesterday in London and today in SriLanka. I had no idea why and when people fast for Pradosham. I only had a slightest idea that it is something like Ekadasi. I got a good opportunity to talk to the priest there about religion, which is quite rare and unusual! I always get questions of why, what and how. And it was a time for me to ask some of the Whys I had in my mind though not everything. It is really amazing how science overlaps religion (in general). There is always a strong scientific aspect behind every feature of Hinduism. It was a delight to sit and listen to the priest about the religion and its science.

One of the interesting things I got to know was about the SevvaiThosham. I did not know much about SevvaThosham before as there was never a talk about it in my family. As the priest explained, a girl with SevvaiThosham should marry a man with the same thosham. And tha…
Done! The exams are over. I am not happy! Note that Not. And before you think any further, let me say, I am not happy cos I didn't do well.. (and not because of there are no more exams..duhhh). I don't feel relaxed.. like how I usually do on the last day of exams. Oh well! Leaving to London in a few minutes.

Thanks to all my dear darling non-blogger and blogger friends who wished me luck for the exams.


Examssssss.....! Exams are stressful... Get me some anti-stress drug!!!!

IPL final and it's Rajasthan Royals!

The initial toss winner of the IPL cricket (Indian Premier League) mega final, The Rajasthan Royals, won the crown after cliffhanger! Chennai Super Kings deserved to be the champions, especially cos of the legend MuttaihMuralitharan's and the country's coolest player M S Dohni's contributions in chennaisuperkings team! They had been playing really well up to the end of the whole IPL and only luck was what needed at the end of the scene, I would say. Unfortunately, the luck favoured theRajasthan royals' team. There is always a next time anyway :) ....and congrats to Rajasthan Royals!