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Don't kill yourselves. You are not only killing yourselves but also the others around you!

Compaq laptops

Compaq is not a brand that you can rely on for long term use. I have had so many troubles with it. Most annoyingly the problems start to play up only when I need my laptop the most. Had troubles with charger last year, around the same time.The battery would not charge, I kept on repositioning the charging pin and finally had to use a tape to stable it in one position to charge. Still it completely gave up at one point. And it was the 3rd new charger at that time with the same problem. And then I had to find a shop that opens on Sundays and had to pay a ridiculously high price for a charger. It was a Universal charger and now I am having the very same problem when I have serious things to do.
I have changed 4 different chargers so far but surprisingly the problem is not the charger but the laptop's pin or the charging circuit inside. I don't know how but it works with new charger only for a while and it loosens. Whatever, this problem is with all Compaqs so that should tell you…