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Happy :)

Had the best day of my life on thursday! Very very happy and Thank you to God for guiding me in the right way, my beloved family who always supported me all the way and all my true friends!

Just beginning to wonder how complicated life is and I keep asking myself why on earth do we spend most of our life, most of what we do to satisfy others when we don't even know what they want. But we think from their point of view and come to an assumption that this is what they would want and act on it. In the end, we don't do what we want to and whatever we do in the view of a fear for others will get criticised anyway!! Are we living for them?. 'They' who will not come and solve our problems when we are in need. (With the exception of parents, who have unconditional love for their children). But coming back to the point, why do we....why do we have to think about others before we do every single thing as long as you live a life that you know is not harmful and is only towards whatever your goal is. Society should be there to ensure that the community is following certain rules so that there is discipline but not a group of people who continuously peek their nose in…