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I always...

The lyrics that's amazingly appropriate forever is "give me some sunshine give me some rain, give me another chance I wanna grow up once again...." Love it. Love it more right now. In this very second. Wish i could just rewind 5 years back...and I would make an awesome decision, which would (have made) make a lot...a lot of differences. I only wish as always. I wish wish and wish.

Happy Diwali

On the auspicious day of this Diwali, I wish you all success, happiness and prosperity!
May your home light up with the divine of Diwali! Happy Diwali to all!!
Life seems far more complicated than I imagined. If it gets too harsh already at this stage, I wonder what has the rest of it got in store for me......?!? I mark this day to come back later at some point in my life!

What do I need...

A Life that is as pure as the rain drops is what I aspire so desperately at the moment. Not just "my" life but lives of everyone surrounding me. The damn truth is that you can't be happy only by making your own life perfect and joyful in every way. You do want to see people around you be happy as much as or more than you do and that's the real happiness that can complete your life. May it be family, friends, anyone. I am trying my hardest, I think, maybe I should try even more harder to bring a happiness that is not just a matter of course of hours or days  but of many many years in those who are waiting and waiting for a true meaning of their lives. I can't be the meaning or the life, but I am desperate to be a part of the process in bringing happiness. There are several times when I asked God to give me the strength physically and mentally to tolerate things but now I really do wish that  the God gives me the ability to not just tolerate but also to make a chan…


Don't kill yourselves. You are not only killing yourselves but also the others around you!

Compaq laptops

Compaq is not a brand that you can rely on for long term use. I have had so many troubles with it. Most annoyingly the problems start to play up only when I need my laptop the most. Had troubles with charger last year, around the same time.The battery would not charge, I kept on repositioning the charging pin and finally had to use a tape to stable it in one position to charge. Still it completely gave up at one point. And it was the 3rd new charger at that time with the same problem. And then I had to find a shop that opens on Sundays and had to pay a ridiculously high price for a charger. It was a Universal charger and now I am having the very same problem when I have serious things to do.
I have changed 4 different chargers so far but surprisingly the problem is not the charger but the laptop's pin or the charging circuit inside. I don't know how but it works with new charger only for a while and it loosens. Whatever, this problem is with all Compaqs so that should tell you…

Kidney Cancer drug, Everolimus not recommended for NHS

A drug used for the treatment of a form of advanced kidney cancer is not being recommended for NHS-wide use, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) has said.
Issuing its final guidance, Nice said Everolimus - which is marketed as Afinitor and Novartis - "does not provide enough benefit to patients to justify its high cost".
Everolimus is used for the second line treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma - a kidney cancer which starts in cells lining the small tubes which help to make urine.
Around 4,000 people are diagnosed with the advanced condition every year and not all these would be eligible for Everolimus, the institute said.
The institute accepted, though, that although research evidence into the effect on survival times was not conclusive, "overall survival gain would be likely to be more than three months".From Yahoo News.

I wonder if private patients will be allowed to get it. I guess there is a list of drugs that the NHS cannot…

Happy Tamil/Sinhala New year / Happy Vaisakhi

Wishing everyone a very happy Tamil/Sinhala new year. It is also today that the Sikhs are celebrating their new year. :) So wishing you all Sikhs out there a Happy Vaisakhi!!

I wish you all for a relaxed mind, a healthy body, peaceful soul and a joyful spirit. Wish you a happy new year!

Who can you blame?

I have paid so many penalty notices and this time it is three in one week. A big lump for the council. I can't imagine the number of staff this council has employed to check the parking times everyday, in every street. I wish I could earn like that. Road tax, MOT, Insurance, Parking permit at the residence...already to many to pay for to when owning a car and adding to that is Parking penalties. There is enough paid already to the car every year/6 months/weekly, so why not have flexible rules for parking?  This might sound silly, but the pain of finding a parking place when you go to a hospital for an appointment, where you don't know how long they would make you wait, is not deserved. If it is costly to miss an appointment with a dentist and you are fined for that, then calling names late at the appointments should be compensated. If they can fine for turning up to an appointment late, then we should be able to claim the parking cost/penalties caused by them. The appointments a…

And it is India!

I was hoping for Sri Lanka to win the world cup but also happy that India won at the end. Both teams played very well and it was one of the most interesting matches so far, with being unable to predict until the end. Mahela Jeyawardane did a great job and so did Dhoni. All the Indian fans here celebrated by honking for a long time that night. Lots and lots of honking and screaming. I was asked a lot of times by strangers whether I had watched the match and they started dancing bale bale when I said Yes, I know India won. LOL. I loved the way the Indians cheered their team and how they celebrate the winning.  Well done India, You did well! :)

Aus Vs Pak

Australia really did surprise me today! Pakistan playing really well in this world cup is a different story but Australia, what happened to you! If you play like this with Sri Lanka, it will be sweet! Well, although the 2nd innings is a choice left for Aussies to get back to 'the Australian team', I am still shocked at the runs they've got in the 1st innings. Okay, let's wait and see!

PS: Just read that this is the lowest score (176/10) for Australia since 1992!

Update: So finally, Aussies lost this game as anticipated. I was hoping for them to win but just thought if Aus had won today, AUS and PAK would have been the first two in team standings. Because PAK has won, SL now holds the second place. All is because of that abandoned match between Aus and SL! It was a much expected match and sadly stopped because of the rain! Ah well, fingers crossed for the upcoming games for Sri Lanka.

Random rant!

I was just going through some of my old posts in this blog and remembered how interactive they had been before. Lots of people stopping by, reading and commenting. Which made me happy :) It is not so like that anymore, I suppose everyone has gone into the busier life that does not allow blogging like a couple of years back. Although I have been doing a lot more things compared to before.Life is getting more and more tougher and busier that I want to go back a few years, but, in terms of achieving, can't wait to get out of Uni and start working. Have been seeing a lot of my school friends working or hunting for jobs already and I am like, I am studying. In another sense, it makes me happy to hold less responsibility at the moment because all I have to do is study. I don't really want this studying phase to end soon (as just a student occupation and must study while working is another story). And, I am not so happy about the fact that I haven't worked anywhere in my life so …

The new invisible iPhone 5


Japan Tsunami

My prayers go out to those in Japan. It is a huge disaster although I had heard that Japan is used to the earth-quacks. Something sweeping away without warning is a shock! And the whirlpool was incredibly enormous and amazing to see. The people in Asia seem to be the unfortunate in the world in terms of all the natural disasters they face. Now that there is a nuclear radiation or the risk of it, too.
I pray for all those affected and involved in Japan to get through this. May God be with you.

3 Years of blogging!

It is my three years blogoversary! Today my blog is three years old and it does strangely feel so long.  It was three years ago this day, I started this blog. Thanks to blogger I have found good friends and writers through this.
Not much to say other than...I just wish I keep writing. More and well.

Five ways the world could end.

As on yahoo news. Thought it is interesting to share here.

Unlucky day

It was not a good match today, was it. This date 26th not only turns out to be a bad day for me (usually) but also one for my favourite team this month. Although they have lost, it was very close, only by a few runs. They have tried so hard till last over but it was just an unlucky day for you Sri Lankans. Pakistan wins by only 11 runs!! You have many more matches SL team and you will rock then! :)

Go Sri LankaGo!

Yessss! The world cup has begun and  I am supporting SL as always the best team! They have done a good job in the first match...and way to go! I am missing watching the world-cup on TV! :( Anyway...Go Sri Lanka Go! You are the best! :)

Globe All Warming

This is year has been more awkward in terms of the weather. The Jan-Feb is the period when the cold bites us madly. But the January-February time seems somewhat milder this year. There have been climate changes in Asia too, with all the droughts and floods plus low degrees of temperature. A whole bunch of floods, earth-quacks, storms, snowstorm and fires happening almost every part of the world now.  I guess, in a decade time, the temperature of the earth and its parts will be pretty messed up. With greater extremes of all types of weather.

I was walking along a riverside, after a meal at a restaurant there and it was too cold for that time of the day. I saw a swan swimming slowly, and I wondered how cold it would be for that little bird to be in the water that I guess would have been freezing in minus. And someone said,
well, it is not anyone's fault, God has created this weather and God has created this bird to live in this cold. It is natural and there is nothing to worry about…
Walking along the new year that has just come, it feels like I am not having enough progression. I am craving for more motivation and some things to happen in the way that they are supposed to. The way that every step takes off  for everyone. Having a lot of troubles on the way does make you become stronger but at one point, it does also get annoying to the limit that it makes tired. I am not tired yet and I believe that God is not going to take me to the give up path. If not the give up path, I hope it is also not the worse path but the right one. Perfect one. The perfect road where I am supposed to walk or run or whatever. The right one even if it is pausing for however long. At the moment, I am sitting at a side, with no signs that could lead me to the next turn. The helplines are barred, or I would rather say the signs that should instruct me are so blurred that I can't even see. My eyes and mind are still waiting for it but I know that a little more energy is needed to stand …

Happy New Year

Another year has gone by! We are into the new year and one day has already gone in a blink. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all have had fun with the new year celebrations.
Peaking into the past year would give me a lot of memories. Holiday, though short, was one of the great things. Along with the goods, had some downhills too. Never  mind, climbing back on it was what I cherished on. 2010 had also been one busy year. Another year has come our way to give us opportunities to learn, love and give. I wish you all a very happy, successful, peaceful and a prosperous year 2011! God bless.
Take care. x