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Happy New Year

This is a post that warranted a mid-night blogging via phone. I have always thought when I was in my childhood and teens that I would always be good to others, never hurt or lie or be someone who takes others for granted. I thought it was way too easy to live such life and was determined so that I wouldn't have done anything bad to worry about or feel guilty about when I die. Because I simply knew one thing correctly that i was a great worrier. Hardly did I know that the world I was seeing at that time was not the real one nor people were not what they seemed. I have lived a life and I am trying to live such life where I don't think anything bad to others . But the world seems too dramatic and artificial each day and there's always a group of people to blame you and to take you for granted. I'm finding it too difficult to cope in my trying-to-be good aim. You help somebody like its your own problem and the next thing you come across is a criticism. I have no idea why G…