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Merry Christmas

May this christmas be filled with Faith, Hopes, Love and Peace. Wishing you all a happy christmas. Have a good day :)
Lots of Love.


to get over this week for Christmas holiday. For me, its all about being home :)) but sadly the vacation is only for 2 weeks and there is quite a lot of work to do and sort out. Although its damn cold, I can't wait for the snow. I always happen miss the day when it snows massively and only get to see lighter snowing. Hoping to be at the right place this year.
It has started snowing slightly in Southampton and thinking about driving tomorrow to Winchester is leaving me with a little hesitation. I hope the weather won't be crazy tomorrow and until I go home this weekend. :)
Take care all!

End of Psych.

I remember how I used to blog about lots of things before. Rain, cold, snow, day outs etc but now it feels like I am getting nothing to write about.
I am done with Psychiatry. 6 weeks were gone with a whoosh. As far as I have seen, not many students are fascinated about psychiatry. Even though I am not so much attracted, it is in a way interesting. Anyway, no more psychosis or depression or mania for almost another year. A temporary full stop to psych now except for revising during exams.
I am moving on to Medicine block next week, and I must say my mind is still hanging on to psychiatry and I have to probably sit and go through the clinical examinations and history taking to get on the track for medicine. Again, it is in Winchester. Deary me, why do they wanna send me all over the places!!

I am signing off now. Off to London. Home.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :) Take care. xXx

Paranomal activity

- Waste of time! I don't understand why there are too many documentaries of the same sorts at the same time!!! Horror films of these days are disappointing. It was SUCH a waste! No more to say.