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Beautiful Ryde Pier Head on a winter evening :)

Ryde Pier Head
Isle of Wight

Customer Service and whatnot

I cannot explain how much a mobile phone company is troubling me. It makes me think why technology evolved. I wish it was a simple postal +/- landline communication life. Internet has been a huge knowledge boosting technology but the troubles it gives are not worth it, I feel. Life would have been much more easier and simpler and happier.

When I was on the bus to Newport, Isle of wight on my way from Cowes, a drunk man on the bus was making irritating comments over how technology has grown and how annoying it is. He was saying that these technologies have become a show-off of wealth and companies are trying to trick people into losing money plus everything needs a support of a computer i.e. for e-mail communication. This drunkard man was threatening people in the bus not to use their mobile phones on the bus and he kinda got too excessive with his comments and ended up swearing and insulting the innocent bus driver. At one second, I was scared what was going to happen if my phone ring…