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Aus Vs Pak

Australia really did surprise me today! Pakistan playing really well in this world cup is a different story but Australia, what happened to you! If you play like this with Sri Lanka, it will be sweet! Well, although the 2nd innings is a choice left for Aussies to get back to 'the Australian team', I am still shocked at the runs they've got in the 1st innings. Okay, let's wait and see!

PS: Just read that this is the lowest score (176/10) for Australia since 1992!

Update: So finally, Aussies lost this game as anticipated. I was hoping for them to win but just thought if Aus had won today, AUS and PAK would have been the first two in team standings. Because PAK has won, SL now holds the second place. All is because of that abandoned match between Aus and SL! It was a much expected match and sadly stopped because of the rain! Ah well, fingers crossed for the upcoming games for Sri Lanka.

Random rant!

I was just going through some of my old posts in this blog and remembered how interactive they had been before. Lots of people stopping by, reading and commenting. Which made me happy :) It is not so like that anymore, I suppose everyone has gone into the busier life that does not allow blogging like a couple of years back. Although I have been doing a lot more things compared to before.Life is getting more and more tougher and busier that I want to go back a few years, but, in terms of achieving, can't wait to get out of Uni and start working. Have been seeing a lot of my school friends working or hunting for jobs already and I am like, I am studying. In another sense, it makes me happy to hold less responsibility at the moment because all I have to do is study. I don't really want this studying phase to end soon (as just a student occupation and must study while working is another story). And, I am not so happy about the fact that I haven't worked anywhere in my life so …

The new invisible iPhone 5


Japan Tsunami

My prayers go out to those in Japan. It is a huge disaster although I had heard that Japan is used to the earth-quacks. Something sweeping away without warning is a shock! And the whirlpool was incredibly enormous and amazing to see. The people in Asia seem to be the unfortunate in the world in terms of all the natural disasters they face. Now that there is a nuclear radiation or the risk of it, too.
I pray for all those affected and involved in Japan to get through this. May God be with you.

3 Years of blogging!

It is my three years blogoversary! Today my blog is three years old and it does strangely feel so long.  It was three years ago this day, I started this blog. Thanks to blogger I have found good friends and writers through this.
Not much to say other than...I just wish I keep writing. More and well.

Five ways the world could end.

As on yahoo news. Thought it is interesting to share here.