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From the garden

My mum planted these :)

Today is one of those days when I am overwhelmed with stuff. In my mind. I had to face situations today where I had to open up what was in my mind. At that time, I said what had come into my mind. There were no second thoughts. Sometimes being too good is bad. I have been a person, who cannot easily say no to the face, cannot easily ignore or walk off seeing someone suffering. But then there is this risk of being taken for granted and it will be too late when that happens. It has happened countless of times when I felt I should've rather gone the other way around not worrying about others feelings. Somethings and some people are not at all worth sacrificing anything for. However the problem lies on knowing the right people and the right things that are worthwhile until experiencing it. In this way, life will just go on experiencing every single thing. Today was one of the days I was pushed so much that I had to voice. I had to speak my mind. At this very moment, I hope I said what…

The way things are...

I am too wary about complaining too much about things. There are things that I keep quiet about, and then I am questioned why I didn't voice it at the right time. Contradictory to this, when I do complain, I am told "some things are just the way they are. It's difficult to change them" or something like "nothing much can be done about it". What am I supposed to do? Seriously. Sometimes I complain selectively.

Now I think its better to rant about it to people who don't give a damn about the problem but ready to listen. Get it all off the chest. Then move on. There is politics everywhere. Rules and regulations are in place to shut people's mouth. If a rule is breached and you voice about it, you'd be told to shut up in a nice way. In a polite way. This is how problems are dealt with in Britain. Sometimes you fall into the trap and shake your head like a fool and say Oh I see. That's what it is. Ok I take it on my shoulder and I move on.  There…

In TamilPages 2014 - Casipillai Designer Collection

Casipillai Designer Collection, UK
Make up artist Karthika Subaharan, UK
Soozana Pvan Photography

6 years into blogging

It has been 6 years into blogging. I have no idea what I have achieved from this, but I had a good read through my previous posts (not every single one of course), and I loved reading through a few. Didn't fancy the ranting ones that much. But thinking about the experience of blogging, I am realising how much my life has changed since then. The people around me, the place where I live (although the fact is that I am gypsying around because of my job) and the amount of responsibilities. Well, to be honest, although my lifestyle has changed due to the obvious phases of life, I realise I still love the things I used to do 6 years ago. 6 years is not too long but these 6 years consist the most happenings of my life.

I am glad that I am still able to sit here and blog. Having said that, I haven't visited those blogs which I used to follow a few years ago and not sure if those lovely bloggers are still blogging. Anyways, good night folks!

Lots of love

The Sun is here :D

The Sun seems to be finally out on a daily basis. Took this snap on my phone just before doing our garden this weekend.
I've had been part of a photo shoot for an upcoming make up artist in London last month. It happened in the middle of my busy rota, and I was glad I could make it. The MUA herself would not probably know how much effort I had to give into this to make this day free for her. I've always been interested in posing for photos and getting dressed up which fuelled me to do Karthika MUA photo shoot.  Now, I have to admit that this lady does good stuff.

This has been something that I've never imagined I would do. Never ever. With some people encouraging me and some discouraging me, I loved doing it. For me, when life gives you the opportunities, grab them as much as you can and don't miss them. I don't want to regret at the end of my life for missing the opportunities it had thrown at me. I have turned down offers since doing this because of my other commitments, but I've never felt bad for doing so. At that point of time, I knew what was more important for me. I loved…

Apollo Banana Leaf Tooting

We had been to this restaurant today as a family to celebrate a birthday. We were the only Sri Lankan/asian family in the restaurant at that time. Food was good, but the way they treated was not so acceptable. We were only half way through the main course and the waitress lady who was serving us brought the bill to our table and left without saying a word. All of us were absolutely shocked as if she had done this purposely and wanted us to leave… We hadn't even asked for the bill. We had no idea how to react. We spent about 15 mins trying to get her attention to our table and when she eventually decided to come to us, we asked why she did that (hoping that she did it by mistake for a different table), but more shockingly, all she said was "oh it's okay if you wanted to eat more". Thats all. We were not even half way through eating.Totally an ignorant answer to our question and not even an apology. We stopped eating and left the restaurant straight away (of course we …


First post of this year. I haven't been blogging often/at all lately. Although millions of things are going on, the reasons for my lack of blogging are; one - I do not get time, two- My poor memory. Missing blogging. I wish I could blog more.
Things have been stable, I guess, for me. However, could be better. Life has been pretty busy this year from last August. I am glad I've finally had time to write this.
Wishing you all for a good productive week. :)

Lots of love.