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"Know your alien" Aliens in UK.

This thing seriously cracked me up when I read it. LOL. Made my day! I don't know what is your perception on this but really, this sounds really funny to me. LMAO!!!

If you are interested, you can read other stories that came out about aliens in uk here where I've happened to come across the above story. (today's msn news page) Still laughing. Add ROFTL, LMAO, LOL and all sorts here! :D

Aneesh & Divya

Everyone under the sky is getting married!! lol. I guess this is a wedding season and I must say there are a lot of people getting married at this period of time. So many! So yeah this is going to be another wedding dedication post to one of my blogger friends, Aneesh. But I am very sorry for the late wishes, I have just read the latest post of yours aneesh.
Aneesh and Divya,
"I hope you hold each other close in best or bad times and have trust and faith all the way; Happy married life"
A wedding of two people
of quality and character,
so obviously right for each other,
is a joy and a blessing to the world.
May your fondest hopes, wishes and dreams
all come true,
as you grow closer together
in an unshakeable, loving bond.
May your marriage be filled
with sunshine and rainbows
and every kind of happiness
you two so richly deserve.
Congratulations, and every good wish
for the best things life has to aoffer you!!Wishing you all the health and happiness in this world and hope you had wonderfu…

T-Mobile and Trustworthiness

Have you ever got annoyed by those services that you initially thought were so "trust-worthy" when you had decided to go for?
I have been a customer of T-Mobile for almost 7 years and T-Mobile is named as the best network service in all kinds. Infact, T Mobile is good for business customers. Even though a bit more expensive compared to most other networks, they provide good services and you get no trouble at all. I've had no problems with the coverage as well. Almost everything is perfect and neat! Everyone in my family is with them.

However, today I was forced to argue with them. And I still can't believe it. The finalised bill of last month came for 100 quids (£100, rounded up). I was shocked! (You should make a note here that my line rental is only £25). And I have never used minutes or texts outside my allowance before and nor did I in last month. But the bill exceeded to a high number. I wouldn't worry about it for a single sec if I had for god sake used extra…

Wedding bells

For Hemz with Lakshmi. At last, I am also joining the list of dedication post-ers to the to-be-wed Hemanth, who is undoubtedly one of the best blogger buddies. An honest friend one can ever be. One of the best qualities in him is that he continuously encourages and supports his friends and the importance he gives to the people around him is really appreciable. Now that he is entering the wedlock on 12thaug, and I'm sure he will lead a life rich in joy and love.
I wish both Hemu and Lakshmi, a very happy married-life.

May you find in each other
the perfect partner for life's adventure.
May your marriage be filled with happiness
exceeding their wildest dreams.
May you see again each and every day
all the qualities in the other
that make you fall in love
with each other more and more.

Here's Wishing You God's Blessing
on Your Wedding Day......
and may He always be
the heart of your marriage,the light of
your home,and the ever-present partner
in your life together! Congratulations!
I ded…