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Back to the island.

Back to the Island again. Boring and monotone. 5 days at home went in a blink. I am still tired and I still want more leave. Phew. Having said that, I think I did have some good quality of time spent at home. Bed-tea, mummy's food, short naps on couch watching tv. Hmmmphhh, now back to start night shifts. To be on the feet 12 hours running around and answering never-ending bleeps. Sometimes repeating the same answer to the same person ten times in 1 of a (I was typing junior but realised not a junior anymore - theoretically), so, life of a baby senior doctor - this is what've decided to call myself now. Cannot wait to get out of this island. Exactly the same way I felt when I worked here 2 years ago. I don't remember how I forgot so easily the hardships of living in this island, before accepting to come here to work for 2 years.