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I guess my internet and I have come to a temporary truce. I ve rarely had any probs with computer and internet connection except a couple of times when I had to replace the graphics cards. Okay, coming to the point...internet on my second home system that is connected wirelessly to the main Pc is giving troubles for a couple of days now. I have to go through the connect-disconnect-connect-disconnect... process for at least five times until it gets connected properly. Or otherwise the status says "Connected with limited access" and I have no access to the net. Btw, there is no probs with the main PC's Internet connection. Hmmm..dunno what's wrong.
And I had to pay off a fine today. For the 2 books I borrowed from the local library and forgot to renew. I hardly borrow story books but prefer to buy. But those books I borrowed were Tamil ones..It has been many years since I last read a Tamil book so I decided to read over the holidays but it took me forever. I think I got…

I have been tagged...

by Aneesh. To be honest, specially with movies I don't remember them for a long time after seeing. When I was a kid it was the opposite. I remember narrating the whole movie that I would have seen in the weekend to friends at school with all the actions and different tones. And there was a friend, she used to wait for free periods to listen to film stories from me. But nowadays I don't enjoy movies that much unless otherwise am forced to sit and watch one if I am so bored. I would say that sometimes I kinda find it boring to watch movies. And I prefer it to be a comedy movie if I wanna watch. Well, not that I am very choosy. I don't mind as long as it has a good, meaningful story and fun! Oh by the way I always used to like ghost movies :)
Anyways, let me do the tag now...

Name five of your all time favourite movies?
Beauty and the beast
Sleepy hollow
Ghost Ship
Ice age
MeinPrem Ki DiwaniHoon
....oops sorry I have exceeded the number asked ;)..but there ar…
Saranya finds it hard to muddle along with those who have no idea of what they call kindness or courtesy. Perhaps, they hold a wrong mode of perception of being good -well, this piques the interest of my way. Wish I had the ability to move on, taking those as the complete pipsqueaks of life...who are taxing my emotions and patience. Unfortunately. *Sigh* God Help!!
In the Apple store atm. Came to get my iPod a new headphone. The old one was a little pain to my ears. Liking the new one Ive just got. And, Iam eyeing on this Mac Notebook (tht im on atm here) for a while now and I never forget to give myself sometime to have a go on it whenever I come here. Lolz. My friends know abt my craze on the newcomings, but Not that I always run to the store and grab one as soon as it hits the market or something. Though, as of now, I am waiting to get hold of the N96.

Anyways, I am gonna make my way out soon, and have a great weekend :)

update 15.35pm: the shopaholic person in me didnt let me out of here..and the result is am still around John Lewis shopping mall. But its not gonna be as long as my usual shopping cos it seems to be a little boring to be all alone around here..and getting hungryyyy!!

Organ donation -Informed to Presumed

I was leafing through this week's NewScientist magazine today and the first news of This Week section has drawn my attention. You might have already guessed what it is gonna be about from the title.

The current law on Organ Donation in UK works on the basis of informed-consent -that is registering someone's name to the Organ donor register only if they came forward to make such positive decision in their lifetime.

And the article was about the shift from this voluntary registration to a presumed consent. The government is considering to change the law so that everyone will be registered as Organ donors unless they decide to opt out. FYI, Spain is the world's leading country in donation rates and Japan being the least. And Spain has this 'presumed consent' system, which allowed them to crack the problem of having a big gap between the demand for organs transplant and the number available.
Would changing the law actually make a significant difference? cos the 'ethic…

Honest Blogger Award

Glad to have been honored with this award. Thanks so much Priya, appreciate it :)

A pre-booked reproach: On the way to India

This summer has been empty to me. Going pretty fast and it worries me that I haven't travelled anywhere abroad this year. All I had was a day out to Portsmouth beach :) It was still nice and I managed to click away the beauty of the city from the top floor of the Spinnaker tower.

Okay, coming back to the point... not that I travel every summer but I had been doing so, for the past 4 consecutive years. And I guess that's why I am sort of disappointed of this summer.
Spending hours and hours planning on where to travel, where to stay, who to take with etal is a usual thing for me and my friends. But it worked out only once! And that was To India. I wouldn't say it was that fun as we didn't have much sight-seeing but a great travelling cos it was the first time to travel abroad with friends and that was during sixthform. It was mainly planned to have a feel on how the health system is like in countries like India. So we landed in one of the private hospitals. But once we go…

Desktop Tag

Yet another tag, courtesy Hemanth and as usual I am very late to do this tag too....and sorry about it.
So here is the screen shot of my desktop. I initially had the default desktop picture (of the make of my PCs). I don't bother about having a fancy colourful desktop picture. Well, there was some time when I was crazy about this but now that am not much into it. Both of my homePCs had their default desktop and I have changed one of them just now. Of the one I am using at the moment . Cos I thought it would be boring to put up a picture of a desktop with the maker's logo. lolz. From now on, this is going to be my desktop picture of this PC. And that was the story of my desktop pic, the new desktop picture -which was chosen from the windows wallpapers gallery..hehehe.Ok, moving on to the next part or qs of the tag, what do I love about my desktop?.. there is nothing that I can think of, seriously. It looks fresh, that's all I would say :) Tagging time...I shall now tag Kumith…

Skipping down the memory lane

Yesterday I decided to take out some of the photo albums from the shelf. I used to do this once in a while when I feel like to see the faces of my long lost/distant friends. I can't remember when I went through my old albums last but surely long ago. So yesterday happened to be one of those days.

When I usually bring them out everyone in my family would give me a look as if I am on the useless mode. Well, it only lasts until when I say something funny or make a comment about a person on a photo and after that they just can't keep themselves away and join me.

And I chanced on this album in which I had all the pictures of my first high school friends, from St Mary's Convent. It was a great schooling, which had given me great many memories to cherish all my life. A teacher who I want to be remembered now was one of my science teachers. He passed away a couple of days after undergoing a surgery few years ago.. He was a very strict but great teacher ever. He always calls most stu…


So just came to know that Priya has given me a Brilliant Weblog award a week ago. Thanks a lot Priya, its very kind of you. I guess this is an award giving season after the tagging one. And the other one I mentioned about in my previous post -Blogger Friends Forever award from Hemanth.

After a while...

It has been a while since I sat in front of this same window to feed my blog some words. I always wanted to be a bit more regular in keeping up my blog but when other things in life overtake as the matter of importance, blogging becomes one of those to be dropped astern. I am still not out of that hectic mood and this seems to be a turbulent-ish phase to me. or Shall I say, gloomy? Anyways, forgetting these for a moment here, hope all of you out there are well. I haven't been to many of your blogs for the past few weeks. I will do make my way soon...I guess I have missed so much and am waiting for a good relaxed time to go through all.
And not forgetting to mention and thank here is hemanth who had given me a bloggerfriends award :) which was really nice. With a picture and stuff. I think I should get that pic up here with this post. Also, I haven't had time to catch up with my friends as well especially kumiz. and btw all these, I was glad to get in touch with a friend after …