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My Bloody Valentine

was not impressive at all. A horrible horror movie. I was just sitting there sighing, waiting for it to end and thinking that I should have rather stayed at home, probably reading or sleeping. 3D has been used only at some scenes just for the name of featuring 3D. I don't know why most of the remakes fail to impress me but make me write about it at the end of the day. Although I haven't watched the original of this.
Such a terrible film and waste of time.


Today is like most other Sundays. Boring, although I have so much to do. I wish I had a television here in my Uni. house now. Dad was going to get me one when I was moving to Soton for studies but I did not want it cos I knew I would be spending all my day watching TV, but now it seems I have kinda lost the touch with keeping up to date with news and everything. Sometimes I feel lost. I'm trying to keep up with at least newspapers but going out to buy one during weekends seems long.
Haven't been updating my blog that often lately. It looks like most people around here in the blogging world have gone idle too.
Life has been the same. Ups and downs. As usual. But I am tied up with lots of work to do that I have little time to update my blog. Last week had been a very disappointing one and there were so many things going on my head. Spent long times outdoors like in docks, cinemas and restaurants with my friend. But one thing I have noticed recently is that I am not so much into sh…

I am freezing!

I am freezing.....the radiator has stopped working, leaving me needing to wear so many layers as if I am going out of the house. And something needs to be replaced inside the boiler. Which they will only fix tomorrow, according to what the agency has told us. I have had enough of this climate....Snow is far better than rain plus cold. I am so freezinggggggg.........

Snowed In :D

It has been snowing so heavily in London. And in Soton :), quite a wonder to snow in the South. Monday morning saw the heaviest snowstorm in 18 years. Everywhere is white, pure and delight. It started snowing as soon as I left home to Soton on Sunday morning, and I thought "Gaaawwwd, why does it always snow when I am not there?!?"...and everyone was calling me to give details of how it has covered the whole London bla bla...Grrr....and guess what happened, it snowed that night in Southampton as well. Yey...but didn't really get to enjoy a lot. It is still snowing and people are tired of playing in the snow in So'ton it seems. I think everyone is fed up of the delays in transport. Including me. Yesterday was a disaster. Got to the hospital despite of a lot of things but the Clinical teaching consultant failed to remember our teaching session :( and then we made our way back home.I wanna go home, London. This is how I feel for the past 3 days. Wanna go to our usual par…