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Happened to come across this site called xraypedia dot com. It could be only me who is there for the first time. But it seems like a good one to go through some images to become familiar with reading x-rays. I am not sure if it has images of all the conditions' ... nor of the reliability. Anyway it is xraypedia dot com.

Some people are...

Simply awesome. They seem to have gone up a step in the ladder in order to spice up my life a little more. In fact, it works :) For me and not for them though, Sadly. I mean, as time goes, you do learn how to overcome such wonderful beings in your life. Right?. This may sound a typical thing but seriously there are people who can go over a greater extent of annoyance. They drive you crazy. I like people who come straight to you and say, listen I am not very happy with this and I wanted you to know this etc. Although I've had no one saying this to me. At least not yet. But people talk about you simply because to get over their burning jealousy. There is an attention I get from this though ;).
The preference from my point of view is really, not to ignore them, but not to react to them either. Just move on with whatever you are doing. If at a point you think you need to have a word, go ahead. There is a threshold point somewhere up until you got to be very patient and take-in sort but…

Time is a pinch

Time Time Time....How are they all; the celebrities, the know-it-all brainies and especially the working mothers find enough time. I mean, coping with family life and career... they are impressive really. Phew! I wish I had 48 hours a day...
My blog posts have been almost transforming into something like facebook status messages in a couple of lines. No more of these I promise...I will post something good enough soon. Hope you all have a good weekend. Take care.
And and and....I will visit your blogs soon. Please forgive me and don't forget me even if I don't show up. Its not because I don't bother but I am tied up with so many things to do. Love you all.

Thank you Hemanth

This lovely picture is from Hemanth :) thank you very much hemu. This is very sweet of you. I loved the little poem as well ;) Here is thelink. Thank you :)

Yet another Birthday

4 hours to go for my birthday (for tomorrow).....Not that excited as birthdays now mean more about getting old to me rather than cutting cake and sharing sweets. ;) I know it is too early to complain about ageing but yet it is sad! lolz. From what age would a girl start hiding her age? -I wonder. Ah well.
For the past 2/3 years my birthday has been on a weekday, which is sad, that I get to go home only for a half day or few hours. Hmm...

A day at Special school and Nursery

I had been to a special school (school for disability children) 2 weeks ago and I was going to write about it but the earlsfield incident had taken over the priority. So, coming to the point, I had been to this school and I was amazed by how lovely those children are.

During some of our teaching sessions earlier, we were shown some videos on how some disabled children behave and how patient and understanding we have to be to successfully interact with them to help them live through their inabilities and improve the condition. Most of the videos showed only what those children cannot do and some being really aggressive. (Perhaps because that's the part what is vital when it comes to teaching). So before going to the school I was a little confused as to how I was going to handle them when they behave unexpectedly, say one throws at me or hit me with something. lol. But in fact,it turned out to be an amazing time though very short.
All kids got along with me very well. One of them was …