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I heart autumn

My favourite season of all is Autumn. 

It gives this feeling of happiness, colours and the gentle rain! Nothing can beat it. 
A quiet evening on the sofa, watching tele with a hot cup of tea or the company of a novel. The golden parks. Those mornings filled with rays of the Sun and sprinkles of rain gracing the grass and flowers. Heaven! It's a season of tranquility and more importantly, the season when Christmas feeling enters in.....along with Winter!
I heart Autumn.

Thank you note to Siobhain McDonagh MP.

I'd like to dedicate this post to my local MP who has signed the EDM petition supporting the junior doctors. We, as a family and local residents have always had huge respect to the Rt Hon Siobhain McDonagh MP for Mitcham and Mordern and she has once again proved that she's one the best MPs. I thank whole heartedly for her support although I am working in Isle of Wight at the moment. Respect to you ma'm.

I really hope that this government realises that this new #JuniorContract is nothing but a threat to NHS and it's employees. It will force people to find alternative ways for living. It is not in the interest of the public, including doctors who are also human beings and part of  the public. I love my job. I love the satisfaction I get at the end of even a stressful day that I have worked my self hard to make someone's health and well being better. There's no other job that I can think I could replace with this feeling of worthiness I am getting from living my li…


A must watch video for everyone who uses NHS. A good summary of the life of junior doctors in the UK and this briefly explains the problems with the new contract. I am very surprised that many media are keeping quiet on this issue. This shows how junior doctors are supported or listened by the whole system of politics.