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One thing we all constantly forget is that Tomorrow is never certain. During my schooling, I used to come back from school, open my bag straight away, take out all my note books and get all the homework done and do some revision if I have a test or something the next day.
And these were done, before changing my school uniform or eating. Only after having finished my work, I would do anything. But these days, I procrastinate things to be done 'later on'. (Though I am not a terrible procrastinator). But I regret not being able to get things done sometime before the deadline and here I am blaming on the amount of work I have been given, which I would say impossible to get done without jumping up and down during the last minutes.
We all want more things to be done within a short time. And when we realise it is too unrealistic, we tend to procrastinate. We have stories to reason our postpone, and we hardly accept the truth that those reasons are just to convince ourselves or unaccept…
When I had been to Leicester square a few months ago, I got the flyer of the seating and prices info of his show. I was telling my friends that I wanted to go to this show in July and was excited because there was an offer of door-tickets for students so that I didn't have to buy in advance and waste if in case I could not make it. At that time I had not expected or imagined such news any soon. It was a shock and a non-substitutable loss to the world. Great to have lived during the time of the superstar, legend, MJ.
RIP Michael Jackson.


It was a contest between cold and rain and some sunshine for the last few months and finally the sun is now out longer and stronger. Its boiling!!!! at 22 Celsius. I know.... I knowwwwww guys, this is nothing compared to 35 and 40, but it really feels like 40 Celsius. The weather is just freaking hot that I am needing to take more than one shower a day. I just feel so drained of energy and feel a little too lazy to do any work. The time is now 8.05pm but its so bright as if it is only 12 noon. Well, if I am on holiday I can make the best out of this sunshine but it is not the case now. Some more time for summer holidays. Hmmm......