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Award time! :) an award after a while. This "freaking fabulous blog" award is from PJ. Thanks a lot PJ, this is chooo chweeet of you :)May I now forward this to all the regular visitors of my blog. Sorry for not mentioning each of your names but I will check whether you have taken this award or not :) So this is for you who are reading this (if you are a blogger).
Take care!

Earlsfield fatality

Had a short journey to and from London today. A woman had been hit by a train at Earlsfield station and this has caused huge delays and cancellation of trains around most of the imp stations in London. Luckily I managed to get a train to So'ton but I had to go to Woking from Clapham Junction to get that train.

The delays for what from 20 mins had become hours and the train stations (especially CLJ) were very overcrowded and the passengers' faces in total upset. The fact that there were little information on the revised times of the trains and incorrect information being relayed were enough to make people worried. But I guess, there is hardly a way to overcome this incident without all these inconveniences and confusions. Even those platform staff couldn't be much clear about any info. I have seen people crying as well.
I wonder why this has caused such a huge impact on the rail network services after all it was only one station that had to be closed. The delays were so long …


How would you feel when you lose your blog post which you have written after a long tiring day went with lots of travelling.....and in fact it was about what happened during the travel?... AND,, it is now 23.56pm which means you don't afford anymore time on typing it again.... (Simply replace the you's with I appropriately). Yeah, I am annoyed!!

Thoughts of today: Weekend, Shopping and Child abuse

Southampton is boring! Not getting a fixed time to go to London this weekend due to confusions over holding a meeting for the TamilSociety of our Uni. Its very unlikely that I am gonna get to go home. Hmmm. Paeds teaching/practical sessions -so far so good. Monday will only tell me the rest and the real taste of this attachment. Anyway, I was gonna say, So'ton is really boring. I went shopping on my own yesterday and still loved it. But then shopping needs a lot of output from my handbag so i better be a good girl and cut down on my shopping frequency :) The bank statements of the past 3 months are yet to come and will tell how good I have been. But I am gonna keep myself away from the shopping centre - not now but from next week would do. lolz. I am not gonna change am I? I have to though.

We have been lectured on safeguarding children today. I got to see some pictures of children who were being abused and I was surprised that how crucial a parent can get with her/his own child of…

Weekend starts...

Can't believe we are already at the end of the week. Time flies so fast. I had a whole week of introduction plus recap-like sessions. We had been taught CPR today again after the first session in the 1st year. I feel like to watch someone doing CPR on a real person before I get to do it one day in a real situation. You would hear no clicks or cracks (unless the ribs break) when you do in real so I guess it will be a hard job unlike the easy peasy compressions you can give on a dummy. Anyhow, CPR is interesting and I wish I get to come across (watching) someone doing it soon.

So starting my paeds placement on Monday but I think its gonna start with some teaching first.
I am off to home this weekend. Leaving today. Having to attend a wedding tomorrow, which is something I am not really into. If I am attending a family function (except the very close ones) it is purely because of my parents forcing me. Ah well, I am ok with this one because I get a chance to spend my weekend at home :)

Year 3

I have started Year3 and am more scared than excited. Unlike how I usually feel when starting a new academic year -very exciting and look forward. I am now having the introductory lectures on how the attachments (placements) and the assessments are going to be as well as refreshing examination skills. From next week, I'll be starting the year3-proper. Seriously, I am kinda panicking as to how I should study, to what depth I should read before going to the attachments and so on. The first one is at Portsmouth on Paediatrics for 5 weeks. Just realising that I didn't begin this post with any kind of hi hello. Just jumped to the point straight away. Hmmm...I wonder how Dr Pratap is keeping his blog updated almost everyday between the busy schedule. I really wish I blog like him and hope that I never give up.

Previous years went with lectures and a few clinical sessions but this is totally different. The whole year is going to be attachments, traveling etc. Yes I do like traveling …

On a quick note

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well :) It has been a little while since I last updated my blog and commented on all yours'. I have been a little busy and should be back to the usual blogging soon. Perhaps from next week or so. Until then, have a good weekend. Ciao :)