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I wish

One thing that I miss throughout my life time is a Brother. How nice it is to have a brother whom I can care a lot for, ask anything from and who I can fight with all the time. A brother whom I heard stories from when I was little, a brother who tells me off for not studying, a brother who takes me anywhere I want to and a brother who tells me what is right and whatnot.  Most girls out there who have brothers may not realise the value of having a brother, as you do not miss something until you lose it or unless you don't ever get it. I wish I had a brother, to whom I can show lots and lots of care and love and be a best sister in the world. I miss you brother!

Happened to

Travel on the bus after a long time. A conversation between a kid and her mum. It reminded me of another conversation I over-heard when I was once on a bus years ago. The mum was ranting about how hard it is to cope with children and she wished that she could sell her babies on eBay. I couldn't believe my ears. The baby on the pushchair looked only about a year old. Don't you dare to say that just because it is a baby and can't understand how cruel your words are? Pathetic. Really.
Today, the kid kept asking to buy something, it seemed like they were going shopping and the mum shouted, "okay, go off and work. You get some money, and see if you can pay for my x weeks holiday first and then I think about spending money on you!". I guess the kid must only be around 5 years old from the voice.
Just thinking how lucky most of us are, to have parents who do everything only for us. Parents who sacrifice a lot of things for us. Parents who are parents to their children. …