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Unlucky day

It was not a good match today, was it. This date 26th not only turns out to be a bad day for me (usually) but also one for my favourite team this month. Although they have lost, it was very close, only by a few runs. They have tried so hard till last over but it was just an unlucky day for you Sri Lankans. Pakistan wins by only 11 runs!! You have many more matches SL team and you will rock then! :)

Go Sri LankaGo!

Yessss! The world cup has begun and  I am supporting SL as always the best team! They have done a good job in the first match...and way to go! I am missing watching the world-cup on TV! :( Anyway...Go Sri Lanka Go! You are the best! :)

Globe All Warming

This is year has been more awkward in terms of the weather. The Jan-Feb is the period when the cold bites us madly. But the January-February time seems somewhat milder this year. There have been climate changes in Asia too, with all the droughts and floods plus low degrees of temperature. A whole bunch of floods, earth-quacks, storms, snowstorm and fires happening almost every part of the world now.  I guess, in a decade time, the temperature of the earth and its parts will be pretty messed up. With greater extremes of all types of weather.

I was walking along a riverside, after a meal at a restaurant there and it was too cold for that time of the day. I saw a swan swimming slowly, and I wondered how cold it would be for that little bird to be in the water that I guess would have been freezing in minus. And someone said,
well, it is not anyone's fault, God has created this weather and God has created this bird to live in this cold. It is natural and there is nothing to worry about…