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Merry Christmas

May this christmas be filled with Faith, Hopes, Love and Peace. Wishing you all a happy christmas. Have a good day :)
Lots of Love.


to get over this week for Christmas holiday. For me, its all about being home :)) but sadly the vacation is only for 2 weeks and there is quite a lot of work to do and sort out. Although its damn cold, I can't wait for the snow. I always happen miss the day when it snows massively and only get to see lighter snowing. Hoping to be at the right place this year.
It has started snowing slightly in Southampton and thinking about driving tomorrow to Winchester is leaving me with a little hesitation. I hope the weather won't be crazy tomorrow and until I go home this weekend. :)
Take care all!

End of Psych.

I remember how I used to blog about lots of things before. Rain, cold, snow, day outs etc but now it feels like I am getting nothing to write about.
I am done with Psychiatry. 6 weeks were gone with a whoosh. As far as I have seen, not many students are fascinated about psychiatry. Even though I am not so much attracted, it is in a way interesting. Anyway, no more psychosis or depression or mania for almost another year. A temporary full stop to psych now except for revising during exams.
I am moving on to Medicine block next week, and I must say my mind is still hanging on to psychiatry and I have to probably sit and go through the clinical examinations and history taking to get on the track for medicine. Again, it is in Winchester. Deary me, why do they wanna send me all over the places!!

I am signing off now. Off to London. Home.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :) Take care. xXx

Paranomal activity

- Waste of time! I don't understand why there are too many documentaries of the same sorts at the same time!!! Horror films of these days are disappointing. It was SUCH a waste! No more to say.

The Fourth Kind

Not sure whether to believe it or not. Abductions by aliens is nothing new to the Hollywood anyway. And thoughts about movies based around aliens have never stayed in my mind after about a couple of hours leaving the cinema. In fact, I am not a fan of UFO movies. But this one has left me with a lot of questions partially because they claimed that the movie was a documentary based on real events. I have read that there is no evidence of Dr Tyler's practice, nor of her registration in medical record after FBI's research. Ah well. All in all, I thought it was an interesting movie but not evidently sufficient or convincing enough that it is a documentary.
But, I did feel that fear for a couple of days though.

H E L L O =)

It has been more than 2 months since I've started this year and it feels like a very short time. I have done my Paeds, which was good. I was thinking that I was gonna play with children, spend time with them bla bla, but it was the normal hospital setting where there were under 16s instead of adults. And they are there because of a health problem so you don't really get to do anything other than taking history, examination etc. But interesting cases! I loved Portsmouth hospital though I had to travel everyday. I have no idea how 5 weeks flew by and I can't believe I am blogging about it after so long, though it doesn't feel so.

After my paeds, I had a week of GP placement, which was also good. Now on Mental health. Had a couple of weeks on Old age psychiatry and now doing Child mental health. Going okay-ish but there are constant assessments throughout the attachments. So almost every/every other week we get to face assessments. But I like the fact that this year is kee…

Friendship award

I had been given this friendship award by Kanagu. Thanks Kanagu :)
Now this is to reach all of you from my side. Hemu, Vani,Pratap, Priya (PJ), Aneesh, Suree, Karthik (youngistan) and my dearest non-blogger friend, Naima :)


Happened to come across this site called xraypedia dot com. It could be only me who is there for the first time. But it seems like a good one to go through some images to become familiar with reading x-rays. I am not sure if it has images of all the conditions' ... nor of the reliability. Anyway it is xraypedia dot com.

Some people are...

Simply awesome. They seem to have gone up a step in the ladder in order to spice up my life a little more. In fact, it works :) For me and not for them though, Sadly. I mean, as time goes, you do learn how to overcome such wonderful beings in your life. Right?. This may sound a typical thing but seriously there are people who can go over a greater extent of annoyance. They drive you crazy. I like people who come straight to you and say, listen I am not very happy with this and I wanted you to know this etc. Although I've had no one saying this to me. At least not yet. But people talk about you simply because to get over their burning jealousy. There is an attention I get from this though ;).
The preference from my point of view is really, not to ignore them, but not to react to them either. Just move on with whatever you are doing. If at a point you think you need to have a word, go ahead. There is a threshold point somewhere up until you got to be very patient and take-in sort but…

Time is a pinch

Time Time Time....How are they all; the celebrities, the know-it-all brainies and especially the working mothers find enough time. I mean, coping with family life and career... they are impressive really. Phew! I wish I had 48 hours a day...
My blog posts have been almost transforming into something like facebook status messages in a couple of lines. No more of these I promise...I will post something good enough soon. Hope you all have a good weekend. Take care.
And and and....I will visit your blogs soon. Please forgive me and don't forget me even if I don't show up. Its not because I don't bother but I am tied up with so many things to do. Love you all.

Thank you Hemanth

This lovely picture is from Hemanth :) thank you very much hemu. This is very sweet of you. I loved the little poem as well ;) Here is thelink. Thank you :)

Yet another Birthday

4 hours to go for my birthday (for tomorrow).....Not that excited as birthdays now mean more about getting old to me rather than cutting cake and sharing sweets. ;) I know it is too early to complain about ageing but yet it is sad! lolz. From what age would a girl start hiding her age? -I wonder. Ah well.
For the past 2/3 years my birthday has been on a weekday, which is sad, that I get to go home only for a half day or few hours. Hmm...

A day at Special school and Nursery

I had been to a special school (school for disability children) 2 weeks ago and I was going to write about it but the earlsfield incident had taken over the priority. So, coming to the point, I had been to this school and I was amazed by how lovely those children are.

During some of our teaching sessions earlier, we were shown some videos on how some disabled children behave and how patient and understanding we have to be to successfully interact with them to help them live through their inabilities and improve the condition. Most of the videos showed only what those children cannot do and some being really aggressive. (Perhaps because that's the part what is vital when it comes to teaching). So before going to the school I was a little confused as to how I was going to handle them when they behave unexpectedly, say one throws at me or hit me with something. lol. But in fact,it turned out to be an amazing time though very short.
All kids got along with me very well. One of them was …

Award time! :) an award after a while. This "freaking fabulous blog" award is from PJ. Thanks a lot PJ, this is chooo chweeet of you :)May I now forward this to all the regular visitors of my blog. Sorry for not mentioning each of your names but I will check whether you have taken this award or not :) So this is for you who are reading this (if you are a blogger).
Take care!

Earlsfield fatality

Had a short journey to and from London today. A woman had been hit by a train at Earlsfield station and this has caused huge delays and cancellation of trains around most of the imp stations in London. Luckily I managed to get a train to So'ton but I had to go to Woking from Clapham Junction to get that train.

The delays for what from 20 mins had become hours and the train stations (especially CLJ) were very overcrowded and the passengers' faces in total upset. The fact that there were little information on the revised times of the trains and incorrect information being relayed were enough to make people worried. But I guess, there is hardly a way to overcome this incident without all these inconveniences and confusions. Even those platform staff couldn't be much clear about any info. I have seen people crying as well.
I wonder why this has caused such a huge impact on the rail network services after all it was only one station that had to be closed. The delays were so long …


How would you feel when you lose your blog post which you have written after a long tiring day went with lots of travelling.....and in fact it was about what happened during the travel?... AND,, it is now 23.56pm which means you don't afford anymore time on typing it again.... (Simply replace the you's with I appropriately). Yeah, I am annoyed!!

Thoughts of today: Weekend, Shopping and Child abuse

Southampton is boring! Not getting a fixed time to go to London this weekend due to confusions over holding a meeting for the TamilSociety of our Uni. Its very unlikely that I am gonna get to go home. Hmmm. Paeds teaching/practical sessions -so far so good. Monday will only tell me the rest and the real taste of this attachment. Anyway, I was gonna say, So'ton is really boring. I went shopping on my own yesterday and still loved it. But then shopping needs a lot of output from my handbag so i better be a good girl and cut down on my shopping frequency :) The bank statements of the past 3 months are yet to come and will tell how good I have been. But I am gonna keep myself away from the shopping centre - not now but from next week would do. lolz. I am not gonna change am I? I have to though.

We have been lectured on safeguarding children today. I got to see some pictures of children who were being abused and I was surprised that how crucial a parent can get with her/his own child of…

Weekend starts...

Can't believe we are already at the end of the week. Time flies so fast. I had a whole week of introduction plus recap-like sessions. We had been taught CPR today again after the first session in the 1st year. I feel like to watch someone doing CPR on a real person before I get to do it one day in a real situation. You would hear no clicks or cracks (unless the ribs break) when you do in real so I guess it will be a hard job unlike the easy peasy compressions you can give on a dummy. Anyhow, CPR is interesting and I wish I get to come across (watching) someone doing it soon.

So starting my paeds placement on Monday but I think its gonna start with some teaching first.
I am off to home this weekend. Leaving today. Having to attend a wedding tomorrow, which is something I am not really into. If I am attending a family function (except the very close ones) it is purely because of my parents forcing me. Ah well, I am ok with this one because I get a chance to spend my weekend at home :)

Year 3

I have started Year3 and am more scared than excited. Unlike how I usually feel when starting a new academic year -very exciting and look forward. I am now having the introductory lectures on how the attachments (placements) and the assessments are going to be as well as refreshing examination skills. From next week, I'll be starting the year3-proper. Seriously, I am kinda panicking as to how I should study, to what depth I should read before going to the attachments and so on. The first one is at Portsmouth on Paediatrics for 5 weeks. Just realising that I didn't begin this post with any kind of hi hello. Just jumped to the point straight away. Hmmm...I wonder how Dr Pratap is keeping his blog updated almost everyday between the busy schedule. I really wish I blog like him and hope that I never give up.

Previous years went with lectures and a few clinical sessions but this is totally different. The whole year is going to be attachments, traveling etc. Yes I do like traveling …

On a quick note

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well :) It has been a little while since I last updated my blog and commented on all yours'. I have been a little busy and should be back to the usual blogging soon. Perhaps from next week or so. Until then, have a good weekend. Ciao :)

"Know your alien" Aliens in UK.

This thing seriously cracked me up when I read it. LOL. Made my day! I don't know what is your perception on this but really, this sounds really funny to me. LMAO!!!

If you are interested, you can read other stories that came out about aliens in uk here where I've happened to come across the above story. (today's msn news page) Still laughing. Add ROFTL, LMAO, LOL and all sorts here! :D

Aneesh & Divya

Everyone under the sky is getting married!! lol. I guess this is a wedding season and I must say there are a lot of people getting married at this period of time. So many! So yeah this is going to be another wedding dedication post to one of my blogger friends, Aneesh. But I am very sorry for the late wishes, I have just read the latest post of yours aneesh.
Aneesh and Divya,
"I hope you hold each other close in best or bad times and have trust and faith all the way; Happy married life"
A wedding of two people
of quality and character,
so obviously right for each other,
is a joy and a blessing to the world.
May your fondest hopes, wishes and dreams
all come true,
as you grow closer together
in an unshakeable, loving bond.
May your marriage be filled
with sunshine and rainbows
and every kind of happiness
you two so richly deserve.
Congratulations, and every good wish
for the best things life has to aoffer you!!Wishing you all the health and happiness in this world and hope you had wonderfu…

T-Mobile and Trustworthiness

Have you ever got annoyed by those services that you initially thought were so "trust-worthy" when you had decided to go for?
I have been a customer of T-Mobile for almost 7 years and T-Mobile is named as the best network service in all kinds. Infact, T Mobile is good for business customers. Even though a bit more expensive compared to most other networks, they provide good services and you get no trouble at all. I've had no problems with the coverage as well. Almost everything is perfect and neat! Everyone in my family is with them.

However, today I was forced to argue with them. And I still can't believe it. The finalised bill of last month came for 100 quids (£100, rounded up). I was shocked! (You should make a note here that my line rental is only £25). And I have never used minutes or texts outside my allowance before and nor did I in last month. But the bill exceeded to a high number. I wouldn't worry about it for a single sec if I had for god sake used extra…

Wedding bells

For Hemz with Lakshmi. At last, I am also joining the list of dedication post-ers to the to-be-wed Hemanth, who is undoubtedly one of the best blogger buddies. An honest friend one can ever be. One of the best qualities in him is that he continuously encourages and supports his friends and the importance he gives to the people around him is really appreciable. Now that he is entering the wedlock on 12thaug, and I'm sure he will lead a life rich in joy and love.
I wish both Hemu and Lakshmi, a very happy married-life.

May you find in each other
the perfect partner for life's adventure.
May your marriage be filled with happiness
exceeding their wildest dreams.
May you see again each and every day
all the qualities in the other
that make you fall in love
with each other more and more.

Here's Wishing You God's Blessing
on Your Wedding Day......
and may He always be
the heart of your marriage,the light of
your home,and the ever-present partner
in your life together! Congratulations!
I ded…

Charges & all

While talking to our neighbour lady today, I've got to know that the council charges £25 to remove the garden wastes. And the green-bags should also be bought from the council to bin the garden wastes in order to be taken way by them. I wonder why they sell green-bags at the stores if we have to get them from council. If you wanna have a clean garden, then you pay!. Otherwise, you keep your garden with overgrown bushes and the next day your neighbour calls up the council and complains. Then you have to meet the risk of paying even more. Thats how the trick works.
Our neighbour wanted to get rid of her old TV recently and for that as well, the council charged her around £25.00 even though she explained that she and her husband are pensioners. I think the best way to dispose such electronics is to give them away to charity. If they are working properly. The way we used to get rid of old clothes at home, is to give them to charity.

You get a prescription from the doctor, and you have t…


I have been doing so much of shopping lately. *GUYS, you may not wish to read further as this post is about something you all hate or rather envy ;) cos you don't have the patience to master this art which only girls can.* I think for the past two months all I have been doing is shopping, shopping shopping. (On holidays). Had been to Westfield for the first time and I just loved it. It took 5 years to build that mall with 1.7 billion (if I am not wrong), and its so huge and lovely. There are nearly 300 stores inside. But sadly I didn't get to browse all the shops I wanted. Its impossible to do that in a day. As for me, I would be on the happy mode if I am shopping and it helps me to refresh my mind and forget the worries. At least temporarily at that time. Yesterday I had sorted all the clothes and shoes I've bought during the last couple of months. Took them out of the shopping bags and put them in place. I realised how much I have spent just for the past 2 months and felt…

This evening

Rain clattering against the windows, freshly roasted peanuts, hot cup of tea with its streams coming off...sounds amazing, aint it? I am experiencing this combination now :) Lovin' it ;) Claaasssicc ;)) lolz.

Of some people...

When you promise to take up a responsibility make sure you commit with the real interest that comes from inside. You must also be able to transform your words into actions, if not otherwise, don't go for it.
I point this out because of the way the world is. And I need little inspiration to write this.
I am surprised how many people don't respond to mails, phone calls and texts for weeks and sometimes ever. It's like, they have a mobile phone with no numbers in the keypad but they are able to open, read as well as ignore the messages and calls. They are the only people, who get all the troubles on their way, starting from reading the message/mail to the present situation of not being able to reply. That the fortune turned away from them. Well, the problem is not responding to anything.
One of the reasons given is that they had a deadline for something of a much more priority. But it wouldn't take half a min, or even less than that, to type : I have received your mail. I ha…
One thing we all constantly forget is that Tomorrow is never certain. During my schooling, I used to come back from school, open my bag straight away, take out all my note books and get all the homework done and do some revision if I have a test or something the next day.
And these were done, before changing my school uniform or eating. Only after having finished my work, I would do anything. But these days, I procrastinate things to be done 'later on'. (Though I am not a terrible procrastinator). But I regret not being able to get things done sometime before the deadline and here I am blaming on the amount of work I have been given, which I would say impossible to get done without jumping up and down during the last minutes.
We all want more things to be done within a short time. And when we realise it is too unrealistic, we tend to procrastinate. We have stories to reason our postpone, and we hardly accept the truth that those reasons are just to convince ourselves or unaccept…
When I had been to Leicester square a few months ago, I got the flyer of the seating and prices info of his show. I was telling my friends that I wanted to go to this show in July and was excited because there was an offer of door-tickets for students so that I didn't have to buy in advance and waste if in case I could not make it. At that time I had not expected or imagined such news any soon. It was a shock and a non-substitutable loss to the world. Great to have lived during the time of the superstar, legend, MJ.
RIP Michael Jackson.


It was a contest between cold and rain and some sunshine for the last few months and finally the sun is now out longer and stronger. Its boiling!!!! at 22 Celsius. I know.... I knowwwwww guys, this is nothing compared to 35 and 40, but it really feels like 40 Celsius. The weather is just freaking hot that I am needing to take more than one shower a day. I just feel so drained of energy and feel a little too lazy to do any work. The time is now 8.05pm but its so bright as if it is only 12 noon. Well, if I am on holiday I can make the best out of this sunshine but it is not the case now. Some more time for summer holidays. Hmmm......

Happy Birthday


This post is meant to be published tomorrow according to UK time, but it is already 27th in India so I just want to write & publish this straight away.
Two of my dearest blogger friends are celebrating their birthday today. One, the cute and lovely PJ. And two, Aneesh who is skiving off the blog these days ;)

Happy 18th Birthday to you Priya :)
Have an amazing day & hope this year brings you all the luck and successes you wish for :)

Happy Happy Birthday to you Aneesh! Have a fantabulous day with lots of fun....& hope this year will get you every happiness you deserve. Hope you see this...:)

I Miss

the cinemas, the Thai pier restaurant, the beautiful docks, the shopping mall, the theme-parks, the beaches...I am already day-dreaming the post-exams days plus summer holidays. Hmmm.....can't wait for July to come....

Random thought

Have you ever happened to realise that you give so much of importance to some people you meet throughout your life, at a point you think that it will last for the rest of your life. And after a few years, you and the importance you had for them remain the same, but they aren't.


Several things in life change by time. How we used to cherish friendship everyday when we were school kids, how we thought friends are everything, how we shared every little secrets, sorrows, happiness, how we had little fights between friends about friendship. Once we leave school and go to college, we find new friends and then we get a little more busier. Thereafter we find a job, get new friends and then I am not sure how friendship is looked at that phase, which remains to be seen in my case. But the reality is that people do begin to change because of the changing lifestyle. You lose and gain a number of friends throughout your life, but only a few remain worth for what you had shared and …

Here you go...

Cakes...and...pasteries....and....Wine....and...Biscuits...and...Ice creams...and...Milkshakes...

Warning: Don't have too much, they aren't that healthy :p

PS: Sorry guys I should have mentioned. This is a treat for me hitting a century on posts. lol. It's not like a big victory in the world history :p but Hemanth and Sawan wanted a party with wine and, so these are for all of you! (sounds kinda childish but I would have def got these in real if I could meet up with you all -who knows it might happen one day :) It would be awesome if it happens!Have a good sunday....and a good bank-holiday on monday (those in uk)

Reaching hundred...

Yeah I made it 100, although it has taken me a while -more than a year.
I don't count my posts and in fact I did not realise I was going to hit 100 in my following post when I had written my 99th. Thanks to Vani for reminding. I must admit that I am still very much a newbie, have not quite gained on how to write attractive posts. What writing meant to me here, in this blogging world was that it was a way for me to stamp my thoughts and words of life. So I wrote. And I continue to write. And, I am not sure what I am supposed to write in my 100th post to make it special because most of my posts so far have been just about sharing what I am up to and my thoughts. So I just want to take this special opportunity to thank all of you out there. This post is dedicated to all of you, for the support and courage you have been giving me.
Thanks a ton to each and everyone. Love you all! :)

A shiny rainy day

And yes, I woke up with the sound of rain this morning, all grey and rainy :). There are two things that can bend and blend with my mood whether I am happy or sad... and create a harmony within my self. One music, two Rain.
The weather is expected to be wet with heavy rain for the whole day. And what a great pleasure, I have no GP or Hospital session this afternoon!! This is a magic moment, when things come together so well :)
The continuing rumbles and claps of rain make me feel so ease with the world. Becoming more tranquil and feeling an inner peace as the earth absorbs the countless drops of purity from the sky. I wish you, who are reading this, that you may also feel this very moment, many more times when the nature gives you immense joy, jewels you with beautiful smiles and showers you and the whole world with peace :)
Things have been pretty muddled up at this time. Several things to take care of. Everywhere I turn to, something is on pending to do.
Academic pressure on the other side with deadlines looming in. It is always the april-june time when things start to get hectic. There is much more to do and say, but I stop here. I hope and pray for things to get better soon. Sorry about this whole ranting post. One thing to happily add is the award from Priya Joyce. Thanks a lot PJ :) I pass this to everyone of my blog friends.
Wishing everyone a great weekend :)

21st Century health hazards for women

Saw this on the MSN site which, I found was interesting. Thought it might be informative as well to share here. For those who didn't give a read or have not come across. It is a little too long to read but worth it.
So this is the exact article: The way we live and work and the planet we inhabit have all changed massively in the last 61 years and the health dangers that threatened women when the World Health Organisation was set up in 1948 are very different from those that pose a risk to today’s generation.
Today is World Health Day and we've taken a look at some of the issues posing a risk to your health and happiness and how to avoid them.
21st Century health hazards for women
Back pain
A massive 80% of adults experience back pain at some point according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and for some people the problem can be severely debilitating. Our immobile modern lifestyles and the spreading obesity epidemic are merely exacerbating the problem. Back pain, unfo…

Cute Blogger Award

So this is another one. From Hemanth. Thanks :)This cute award(s) :) now goes to; Nithin, Pratap, Sawan, Vani and Viajero.I should thank Hemanth again for giving this opportunity to pass on this award to you all :)

Honest Scrap

I have been awarded Honest Scrap by Pratap. Thanks a lot Pratap, that was very kind and thoughtful :)
I shall now kindly give this award to; Aneesh, Hemanth, Karthick, Kumiththa and Priya
Past few days had been pretty busy. Thursday was a disaster. We had to attend a wedding on thursday and ended up our (not mine) car being broken and some properties stolen inside the car. Could not believe it happened. In the city of London. They had broken the door window very cleverly so that they broke the smaller one to cause less damage. It still counts though. And one of the things stolen was a TomTom Navigator. And you can clearly imagine what would the resulting struggles have been. We had no idea of how to drive back to home and the city itself was quite complicated with the signs. So we asked a few people for directions to a nearby Argos store to buy a new navigator and none knew the exact way and we ended up taking the risk of driving with the available signs and stop when we come across an Argos or electronic store or somewhere we could buy a nav. Although we had gained a vague idea of how to get to Holloway road (place where most people said an argos is likely to be found…

My bookmark

I possessed a bookmark, which was living between the pages of my many books for almost 6 years! It was not just a bookmark, but a precious gift from one of the teachers of my high school. Another speciality of it was that, that bookmark was released as a special product during the 250th Anniversary of The British Museum. And, as per my nature, I keep gifts of anything very special and do not throw them away. This one, the bookmark was so special as it was from a teacher...and the whole point of this ranting is that I've lost it! Have been searching for the past two days and still no luck. :(
Now, as always, I wish there was an invention which finds objects at home like we can search and find words on computers!

I'm on holiday!!

At home!! Wowww, how good it feels like to be home :)
I'm on Easter holidays for a month from today. Yayyyyy!
Had a good day out yesterday with friends to Portsmouth beach and some other abouts. Also happened to watch Marley & Me. I was actually sobbing for the last ten mins of the film. Hehe. Luved it.
Haven't got any plans on how I'm going to spend this one month. But honestly, one month will fly away like a week, I am sure. I will be obviously watching movies, shopping etc. I haven't done a good shopping for ages, so hoping to do that over this holiday. Have a good weekend :)