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And the snow again!

Christmas holiday has started with this weekend and phew it has been snowing so madly. Every year there used to talks about white christmas though it never snows on the christmas eve or day. But this year it looks like it is going to cover the country white. If there was no such transport disruptions, people would enjoy the snow more. Nothing big to complain really.
Here are some pictures of the snow...
These were only taken on a mobile camera hence the reduced quality.
Good holidays to ya!! x
These are times I starve, or rather I don't mind starving because I am too lazy to cook. Making tea or coffee keeps me going. It has been too long since the last time I remember being like this. For the recent years I have been eating more than I do and I usually do not watch my diet because I have never worried about my weight or figure as it has always been like how I wanted. But the rate of eating junk food has gone over the lines in the recent months and I am now starting to worry if I am putting on a bit. Last year had been academically taxing and I had no control over my diet or anything because I had a pinch of time to even cook and eat. And I had not visited home that much last year too so that kept me away from eating so much. But this year is different.
It feels quite different to have a weekend that is lazy, with late coffee and without much eating. Not feeling like to do any work either. More than anything the weather is so depressing. Salt has been spread everywhere b…

Happy Diwali / Deepavali !

Troubles as light as Air,  Love as deep as Ocean,  Friends as Solid as Diamonds,
And success as bright as Gold.
These are the wishes for you,
And your family on the Diwali! Have a safe & happy DIWALI !! ♥


Had been to this restaurant during the summer when we went to Bournemouth beach and it was an awesome find!. I was thinking of going to this restaurant for a long time after a friend's recommendation but did not get the right opportunity until then.
I normally love venturing into different restaurants. This one was not so a complete new food to try as it is Sri Lankan & Indian. First we were reluctant to try it but later more than glad that we found such an amazing restaurant that the food was so delicious and lovely with reasonable prices. We have been there many times since. Every time we go there, the restaurant is always busy but I still love the environment. The food is just amazing I have to say again.

I live in Southampton but I make trips to Bournemouth almost three times a month, or even more just to go to Dosa World when I feel like I am missing my home taste. The service is pretty good too except a few times of slight delay. I wish they open one branch in Southampto…

Happy Birthday Hemanth!

Some people give the gift of peace and tranquility to every life they touch. They are always who they really are.
They are blessedly reliable,
dependably good,
predictably pleasant,
loved and treasured
by all who know them.
You are one of those people.
You are a gift
of peace and tranquility.
Happy Birthday!
Another year is a happy gift, so begin it with smiles, with lots of good thoughts, aims AND lots of gifts :) I wish you that may all your dreams come true and may this year be one of the bests! Have a blast and enjoy! Lots of love.

Endhiran The Robot!!!

Endhiran in Southampton! And I can't believe this! Usually I need to go to London when I want to watch Bollywood or Tamil films. The first ever time there was a Tamil film showed at Southampton was Kuruvi and minding the film I did not have any urge to go. There was just a single show anyway! Now its Endhiran showing for almost two weeks. I haven't had a chance to go and watch it although I am in Southampton. I am not a great fan of Rajnikanth, one reason being he is not that creative except acting out a few styles and saying some rhyming lines of punch dialogues. I don't see any point in masking up the real face showing a completely young version of him despite the age, an actor should be able to prove that he can act all different roles of any ages, not just the same style.One thing that I should admit is that the stories he chooses are good ones.
I am shocked by the fact that there are people in India and across the world who can go up to the point of doing things that …

To catch up

I have been thinking for a long time that I should write something on my blog. At times I remember I run a blog but would not be in the right occasion to write. I always wish that I get to do a lot of things that I want to but somehow only one or two fill the time on hands.
Had a two weeks holiday to SriLanka and it was one of the lovely unforgettable happenings of this year. Although it was awesome, I had not had enough time to call it a proper holiday since two weeks were enough only to visit some places and families. Thanks to God for giving me that holiday though short, which would otherwise have been two stressing out weeks at Uni.
Birthday has gone too. Gosh, can't believe time is going unbelievably fast and I definitely don't like it. Had a great day yesterday with my family and friends. Loved it. Past years have been pretty much the same. I hope this year will bring less hassles and more than anything, I wish everyone thinks good, do good and be good.
Wishing everyone…

Lovey birthday post from Hemanth
Thanks so much Hemanth! Glad to have a friend like you.

I wish

One thing that I miss throughout my life time is a Brother. How nice it is to have a brother whom I can care a lot for, ask anything from and who I can fight with all the time. A brother whom I heard stories from when I was little, a brother who tells me off for not studying, a brother who takes me anywhere I want to and a brother who tells me what is right and whatnot.  Most girls out there who have brothers may not realise the value of having a brother, as you do not miss something until you lose it or unless you don't ever get it. I wish I had a brother, to whom I can show lots and lots of care and love and be a best sister in the world. I miss you brother!

Happened to

Travel on the bus after a long time. A conversation between a kid and her mum. It reminded me of another conversation I over-heard when I was once on a bus years ago. The mum was ranting about how hard it is to cope with children and she wished that she could sell her babies on eBay. I couldn't believe my ears. The baby on the pushchair looked only about a year old. Don't you dare to say that just because it is a baby and can't understand how cruel your words are? Pathetic. Really.
Today, the kid kept asking to buy something, it seemed like they were going shopping and the mum shouted, "okay, go off and work. You get some money, and see if you can pay for my x weeks holiday first and then I think about spending money on you!". I guess the kid must only be around 5 years old from the voice.
Just thinking how lucky most of us are, to have parents who do everything only for us. Parents who sacrifice a lot of things for us. Parents who are parents to their children. …

Happy Tamil/Sinhala New Year

Journeying in life

What a variety of people you come across throughout your life. It is true that a long time is needed to get to know a person at least half. I just can't imagine how some people can turn so self-orientated. I don't know if I have already met a person in the extreme spectrum of selfishness and an unkind mind. But definitely, some who are significant enough to be placed somewhere along the nearest. All I have been thinking is, after having lived for sometime adjusting down and sometimes standing on the ground for rights, which still feels so indecent to go down to their level to achieve something, I wonder if this is one of the initial stages of my life to meet people of all characters. It also makes me think on the other hand that if I could get away with some people with extra-ordinary annoying attitude, I can get along and away with anyone in the future. Not sure. Remains to be seen whether most people are like this kinda souls Or is it just that I have met one of the one in t…

End of Med.

I realise, for the past few months, I have been writing here only at the end of every attachment. Almost. and just one or two otherwise. This is also one like that. I have just finished my Medicine block and starting Obs&Gynae from next week. No more winchester, no more travelling. Medicine block is a blur when I think about it, didn't get much clinical experience I wanted. Hoping to get more out of surgery block in terms of clinical skills.
I am not sure if I am going to like Obs&Gynae, a little excited and a little worried as my part of the brain with the repro physiology seems to have disappeared. lol.

Most students have started their easter holidays already. Unlike the previous years, we no longer get a month of Easter break but 5 days instead. How unfair! Just a few days more than a weekend, thats all. And thats in April. Long to go. Grr! I will be most likely sitting in this village and revising for exams!

Anyhow, hope you all are having a good weekend and have a good w…
Whatta sunny day out there! It is so bright and sunny very early. It's sad I am going to be stuck in uni for the whole day. Grrr. Everything is so good,...things have come perfect together but there is no chance to go out and enjoy the weather. But hey, god knows if this is going to last even till mid-day but by the looks of it, it probably will. Why couldn't this weather show up like this during the weekend but on a Monday?! Argh.
Anyway, hope you all have a productive week ahead...take care :)

2 years

Just realised it has been 3 years2 years since I stepped into blogging. It looks like I ve been more idle in blogging for the past few months but I hope to get back on the track soon. And... I don't have much else to say. :)
Take care all.

PS: I am sorry guys, that was not 3 but 2. lol.

Greetings to all

Thought I should write something before it turns too long without blogging. Lots and lots of things have been happening wrt studies and life. Errrm, 3rd year is quite busy and I am just not in love with my Medicine block at the moment since I don't like Winchester. For many reasons. One being, my car. It had to be fixed and was in the Garage for 2 weeks and I got it back only a week ago. And I had to travel by train until then and walk up and down the hill everyday.
It feels like 2010 is moving slowly. I have no idea why. May be its just me. March-June is the hectic time for all the students. Argh exams! Intermediates exams scare me when I think about them. Not looking forward to it all all.
Anyhow, hope you all are doing well and having a good weekend :) Take care.

Snowfall and long white winter!

The whole country is annoyed by the snow at present. Driving and public transport are disrupted quite badly, and it is in a way a shame that UK cannot afford to manage this well. Yes there is credit crunch, but this white-winter is something that was anticipated by everyone, so there should be a reasonable level of preparation. Uni's and school had to be closed for a couple of days last week due to grit shortage. UK is running out of Grit! What a disaster. No more snow loving. I would love to accept this weather if it was safe to drive or if it was safe to walk on the pavements. Well, at least the main roads stay clear, which is appreciatable. I do love the snow but I want my street cleared. I was expecting the snow to be melt by this weekend so that I could drive home but by the look of it, its gonna continue to snow and make my driving halted further. I am, at the moment, getting lifts from my friends to go to my attachments, which is good so far.

Hopefully, it stops snowing or t…


Hope the new year is treating you all well so far. I have started uni this week but it already feels like a long time. Teaching sessions for the last two days were cancelled, most annoyingly after getting to the hospital all the way from so'ton to winchester. It is snowing heavily in the south with lightening and driving is gonna be impossible tomorrow especially on the motorways. Even if the weather gets better, I am not taking the risk. Don't want to skid and hit, and no way I am ready to face a huge cost of repair. Above everything, a cough is bothering me for two days now. Not liking it a bit.

I had been to London Eye with friends to watch the fireworks on new year midnight. It was absolutely stunning although the fireworks were for only 10 mins. But I hated going through so much hassle to get back home. It took us almost 3 hours in the crowd to walk to the train station which would normally take only 5 mins. The amount of people who came was crazy! The police could have be…

Welcome 2010

How bad I have not wished any of you happy new year. While at home, time seems to be flying faster, as usual when you are on holidays. Here is wishing every soul in this world A very happy New year.
Although I had not wished anyone on my blog, it was soooooooooo sweet of Priya (PJ) to type me a comment with wishes. That was so sweet and thoughtful of you dear. My special new year wishes for you :)

I wanted to write a little bit about how 2009 went and to have a review about the goods and bads. But I realise, rather than looking back, I just want to pray for myself and for the whole universe, to have a year with more happiness and peace, a year with more successes than failures and a year for everyone with no tears and more smiles. Wishing everyone again a happy new year.