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Charges & all

While talking to our neighbour lady today, I've got to know that the council charges £25 to remove the garden wastes. And the green-bags should also be bought from the council to bin the garden wastes in order to be taken way by them. I wonder why they sell green-bags at the stores if we have to get them from council. If you wanna have a clean garden, then you pay!. Otherwise, you keep your garden with overgrown bushes and the next day your neighbour calls up the council and complains. Then you have to meet the risk of paying even more. Thats how the trick works.
Our neighbour wanted to get rid of her old TV recently and for that as well, the council charged her around £25.00 even though she explained that she and her husband are pensioners. I think the best way to dispose such electronics is to give them away to charity. If they are working properly. The way we used to get rid of old clothes at home, is to give them to charity.

You get a prescription from the doctor, and you have t…


I have been doing so much of shopping lately. *GUYS, you may not wish to read further as this post is about something you all hate or rather envy ;) cos you don't have the patience to master this art which only girls can.* I think for the past two months all I have been doing is shopping, shopping shopping. (On holidays). Had been to Westfield for the first time and I just loved it. It took 5 years to build that mall with 1.7 billion (if I am not wrong), and its so huge and lovely. There are nearly 300 stores inside. But sadly I didn't get to browse all the shops I wanted. Its impossible to do that in a day. As for me, I would be on the happy mode if I am shopping and it helps me to refresh my mind and forget the worries. At least temporarily at that time. Yesterday I had sorted all the clothes and shoes I've bought during the last couple of months. Took them out of the shopping bags and put them in place. I realised how much I have spent just for the past 2 months and felt…

This evening

Rain clattering against the windows, freshly roasted peanuts, hot cup of tea with its streams coming off...sounds amazing, aint it? I am experiencing this combination now :) Lovin' it ;) Claaasssicc ;)) lolz.

Of some people...

When you promise to take up a responsibility make sure you commit with the real interest that comes from inside. You must also be able to transform your words into actions, if not otherwise, don't go for it.
I point this out because of the way the world is. And I need little inspiration to write this.
I am surprised how many people don't respond to mails, phone calls and texts for weeks and sometimes ever. It's like, they have a mobile phone with no numbers in the keypad but they are able to open, read as well as ignore the messages and calls. They are the only people, who get all the troubles on their way, starting from reading the message/mail to the present situation of not being able to reply. That the fortune turned away from them. Well, the problem is not responding to anything.
One of the reasons given is that they had a deadline for something of a much more priority. But it wouldn't take half a min, or even less than that, to type : I have received your mail. I ha…