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Happy Pongal

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous pongal!!!

Happy New Year 2012

After a very long time on blog. My first post of this year. Happy New Year 2012 to all of you out there!! A week has already gone past just like that, and this gives me a shiver when I think about how this year is going to fly by so quickly. And there are reasons why this year is going to be the most important and a nerve wracking one of all. Let's see what it holds for me in store, although the past week has not been impressive. I wish things were simply the same as how they were 100 years back because that era required purely human brain and a lot of hard work for everything. Whereas, nowadays it is a struggle between the amount of resource available to you and we don't even know where we stand. There are people who know a lot more than the others and it becomes a head tail matter in things like job interviews. This is because nobody knows how much someone deep diving in this ocean of knowledge open in front of you and I feel like I'm so lost in this. Without a direction…