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Today is like most other Sundays. Boring, although I have so much to do. I wish I had a television here in my Uni. house now. Dad was going to get me one when I was moving to Soton for studies but I did not want it cos I knew I would be spending all my day watching TV, but now it seems I have kinda lost the touch with keeping up to date with news and everything. Sometimes I feel lost. I'm trying to keep up with at least newspapers but going out to buy one during weekends seems long.
Haven't been updating my blog that often lately. It looks like most people around here in the blogging world have gone idle too.
Life has been the same. Ups and downs. As usual. But I am tied up with lots of work to do that I have little time to update my blog. Last week had been a very disappointing one and there were so many things going on my head. Spent long times outdoors like in docks, cinemas and restaurants with my friend. But one thing I have noticed recently is that I am not so much into shopping as usual. I am a very shopaholic person and whenever and wherever, nothing could possibly stop me from shopping. But it has been quite a while since I have done a complete, satisfactory shopping, which in my case means spending a whole day shopping around. Hmm...may be I should do during my Easter holidays.

Had been to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button a couple of days ago. A beauuuutiful movie! Very imaginary and intellectual. But I thought it was too long. 165 mins felt kinda dragging at some points. But hey, Brad Pitt......coooool :)
Nothing else so exciting to write really. Its so sunny, bright and warm in here today. The Sun beckons me to step outside.....but a couple of opened books next to me are holding me back, every time I look at them they are reminding me of the GP session tomorrow...Only half a day left to prepare for Monday. Tomorrow.

Have an energetic and productive week ahead everyone :)


\\Have an energetic and productive week ahead everyone :) \\

மிக்க நன்றி,

தங்களுக்கும் இனி வரும் எல்லா நாட்களும் இனிதாய் அமைய எங்கள் நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
sawan said…
you always have internet , then why worry about news!!

try this :

and all the ery best for the GP session tomorrow.. and I dont know what GP means :P
Saranya said…
Jamal: Thanks a lot:)
Saranya said…
Sawan: Yeah but I am not so into reading news on internet..but it saves money and time :) thanks for the link.
GP means General Practitioner (doctors) :)
brocasarea said…
can understand..when u have so many things to do u dont feel like enjoying...:)
write some thing abt ur clinics no!!..
Karthik said…
Back here aftr a long time!!! hw s UK?? Hope the snows have melted by this time?? And CCBB was a great film but moves at a SNAIL pace... Gt OSCAR for MAKE UP... :)) As i had expected!! BP one of best performance!!
Kumiththa said…
Benjamin Button was really a nice movie. I agree with you about the length of the movie..Good luck for your MIP:)
Vani said…
Ya..I feel same at times..Find my self sitting idly wen I hav so much to do (esp-study), Feeling blues..

Benjamin button- Dats a nice movie..But ya..Kinda slow nd dragging. I like da curious imagination though. How weird it would be if someone really is born as 80 yrs old and die as a Babay??!!..Very curious.

Have a good week Sanu! :)
Aneesh said…
writing more like a professional?
energetic and productive week? LOL what is that supposed to mean? :D
Everyone seems to be busy now... Yup! me too..
A whole day for shopping?
I thought such people never existed. LOL, just kidding.
Saranya said…
broacasarea: Exactly! Ye I will do try ...thanks Pratap :)
Saranya said…
Karthick: UK is not bad, got eaten by credit crunch :), no more snow is left :( ye BP was sooo cool, i thought :) thanks.
Saranya said…
Kumiththa: Yeah, thanks :)
Saranya said…
Vani: U got it vani :) and yeah, Benjamin Button was an awesome film. What an imagination! Luved it :) thanks vani!
Saranya said…
Aneesh: See who is here!!!..after ages huh! Energetic and Productive means you should do something useful, unlike me wastin time sometimes :) lol, and yeah why not...a whole day shopping would be fun! :)
Viajero said…
A whole day at shoppin?? i dnt hv tat much patience :-)
Reading news online is good...i do tat everyday with a general and a business newspaper to aid me ;-)
Hemanth Potluri said…
whole day shopping wow...u got some patience :) was good...

have a gr8 weekend..

Saranya said…
Viajero: Welcome back after a while. Yep a whole day of shopping ;) with enough breaks to feed myself though :)
Saranya said…
Hemanth: Thanks :) lol, hope u r having a good weekend too!

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