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Wedding bells

For Hemz with Lakshmi. At last, I am also joining the list of dedication post-ers to the to-be-wed Hemanth, who is undoubtedly one of the best blogger buddies. An honest friend one can ever be. One of the best qualities in him is that he continuously encourages and supports his friends and the importance he gives to the people around him is really appreciable. Now that he is entering the wedlock on 12th aug, and I'm sure he will lead a life rich in joy and love.

I wish both Hemu and Lakshmi, a very happy married-life.

May you find in each other
the perfect partner for life's adventure.
May your marriage be filled with happiness
exceeding their wildest dreams.
May you see again each and every day
all the qualities in the other
that make you fall in love
with each other more and more.

Here's Wishing You God's Blessing
on Your Wedding Day......
and may He always be
the heart of your marriage,the light of
your home,and the ever-present partner
in your life together!


I dedicate this post to you Hemanth & Lakshmi, with the warmest wishes for the best in life as you both enter the precious moment of life, looking forward to share your future, love and care. Congratulations & All the best!
PS: It was very kind of you hemanth to invite your blogger buddies to your wedding but I apologise that I won't be able to make it due to obvious reasons. Hope you have an awesome wedding day :)


swati said…
aawwee :) tat was such a lovely post saranya..he truly is a gr8 fren to he makes each one of his fren feel special..
may God bless both of them wid a blissful life..
huggss :)
V. Archana said…
hey saranya.. wonderful dedication yaar. and u've got a lovly blog to.. :)

wishing the best of life's givings,to the cute couple :)

god bless them! :)
Priya Joyce said…
lovely lovely lovely...m sure hemz wud luv it :)

wishing him al the veryyy bst :):) in his married life..:P
kanagu said…
wishing them a very happy marriage life :)
Sunny said…
Happy married life to new weds!
Saranya S said…
All of you, thanks a lot for ur comments :):)
Vani said…
Thats a sweet post sanu :)

My hearty wishes to Hemz nd Lucky :)

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