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People and Perception...

Wondering…… of the different ways in which individuals take things into their minds. When lots of people have the same kind of perception, say on a specific matter, it then becomes the 'right' and routine one! And everything else what others think about it is the 'odd'. Totality of socially transmitted behavioural patterns- the one I liked of all the definitions of culture Ive came across. This is the way every culture in this world is structured, I guess. Culture gives a great way to the humans to have a straight, right and controlled life by drawing lines on what should be done and whatnot. Nevertheless the mode of perceptions in everything is gradually changing in this era.

People have their skill of intellectuality well developed than the past to think and analyse. This may explain the reason for all the controversies happening on almost all the things nowadays. One urges, tests, analyses and decides whether it is right or wrong and sticks with it. Yet some people have weird thinking, not after their own intellectual analysis but just by comprehending something that is cultivated by others purely blindfolded!

I have had come across several incidences where people try to push their opinions into others.....I generally listen and respect others views, and feel great when I do so. But my opinions are mine, they may sound and seem very wrong to others and vice versa but one should have absolutely no problem as long as I don’t drive my opinions into others after realising the existing contradiction.

You can never change something that is present without a clear origin and strictly man-made. This is with regard to psychological and perhaps philosophical aspects. Coming to think about this, if you take a career, one should enjoy whatever they do. And it will be pretty laborious if not.

One should/would not be bored of their career….. Of course, he/she must have been mastered the skill...and most importantly loves the job! I love what I have taken as my’s not a sleep walk, but about highly thinking, reasoning, acquiring and applying knowledge. There may be hundreds of dislikes that can be pulled out on something if really wanted but it is all about how you perceive the info and how positive you look at something....

And nothing personal is necessarily required to write this .....!

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Anonymous said…
hmmm!! saranya u always possessed the gift to make me wonder!!!
"one should have absolutely no problem as long as I don’t drive my opinions into others after realising the existing contradiction."
totallly agreeee, we all have minds of our own and our own complex perception and view on matters both big and small, oh how indeed its true that as time moved on we somewhat strayed form prominent or traditional views! people are not extremely comformist like they used to be back in the ages...

nice entry saranya, tc
sudi -x-
Kumiththa said…
I agree with your blog and Its good to hear that you love your career..

NOTE: The way you wite is cool..Keep it up:)
Bahar said…
lol that was a really interesting blog lol! I think its more religion then culture but thats my thinking. I agree with the other stuff though.

Your enjoying your career choice good on you. Thats the way to go. Hopefully I can say that at some point. Not really liking the job I am in now lol.

Hehe your blog is unique lol doesnt really always tell you what you doing but more what your thiinking.

Its all cool!

Cya soon

And remember your coming with me on holiday next year no question asked :p
Saranya said…
Sudi: Thanks a lot and I truly appreciated ur comment sudi :)) x
Saranya said…
Kumiththa: Thanks a ton kumi :))
Saranya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saranya said…
I respect your views :)) I think it's really hard to draw a definite line between culture and religion, and hard to define them too. Well, again, as I said, people have different views...and none is wrong :)

It's not too long to go before you go to Uni, so hope the time flies qucikly...or gd luckss for u to find a new job btw! And ye I remember it, Hope I'll be able to make it ;)

Thanks a ton for ur comment!
Dz said…
I love the picture
Priya said…
Wow, saranya, everyday you seize to amaze me!! That blog really got me thinking, and i totally agree. And i have also come across people who try and force their opinions onto you!! Your such a good writer!! Keep up the good work!!! xxx
Saranya said…
Priya: Thanks a lot for the comment Priiyya :)) It is very uplifting!! x

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