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One thing we all constantly forget is that Tomorrow is never certain. During my schooling, I used to come back from school, open my bag straight away, take out all my note books and get all the homework done and do some revision if I have a test or something the next day.
And these were done, before changing my school uniform or eating. Only after having finished my work, I would do anything. But these days, I procrastinate things to be done 'later on'. (Though I am not a terrible procrastinator). But I regret not being able to get things done sometime before the deadline and here I am blaming on the amount of work I have been given, which I would say impossible to get done without jumping up and down during the last minutes.
We all want more things to be done within a short time. And when we realise it is too unrealistic, we tend to procrastinate. We have stories to reason our postpone, and we hardly accept the truth that those reasons are just to convince ourselves or unacceptable excuses. Excuses that don't help but suppress the talents and productivity.
Procrastination is the thief of our time.
Don't let yourself stealing your own time. Do something to overcome the habit of putting off things. Make it a daily challenge. Maybe you can get a diary, make your own deadlines and tick them off once you've done.
You could have scheduled deadlines, if you know your daily routines. Above all, you should have confidence that you can and are capable of, get things done - though not in a way over-enthusiastic and unrealistic.
Sometimes we say "I am trying my best/I've tried my best". I should agree that this is an excellent way of expressing our level of confidence, however, I believe saying this has much more impact on limiting our ability than the positive side. Rather than saying trying your best, something like can do better will help to a greater extent. It will never stop your process of learning, developing and improving. Or procrastinating.
For me, if I am not satisfied with a work I had done, I would not sleep until I get that perfectly. I will even waste time on re-doing something of the sort that doesn't need much importance is a second story, but I get that satisfaction of doing something to the level of no-faults according to my knowledge. But it is important to know that what deserves more priority and what needs more time and effort; whether lying down on the sofa doing nothing other than breathing or getting that bundle of work on pending done.
Tomorrow is not promised.
"What you have learned is a mere handful; What you haven't learned is the size of the world"

Have a good day :)
& lots of love.


kanagu said…
nice post saranya... but as you know this is a habit which grows with us as we grow... and I loved the point 'we can do better' really nice :) between why are you not giving any headers to your posts?
Saranya said…
Thanks kanagu, it is indeed true that we gain a lot of bad habits as we grow older.
Errm, I started writing this post just as my thoughts raced on so I didn't wanna bring it under any specific topics :)
brocasarea said…
dose of philosophy there:)
Priya Joyce said…
yes surely saranya..i too ws like u wen at school..but now..donno whether the work has increased or I am gettin lazy

n tha quote is so very aptly included :)

we donno /we never kno :-o
Karthik said…
Kanna oru punch solren ketukko

Calendar la naama enda thediya kilikiroom mukkiyam illai

Anda thedi la naama enna kilichoom thaan mukkiyam...

varatta... summa adirudula.. :P

Good post!!
Drwiz said…
That's a very good reminder for me, Thanks dear :)
Anonymous said…
thats quite interesting - i for one can kinda proudly say my conscience doesn't let me procrastinate - i like to plan things and stick to them. even in these holidays i have a plan of things to do each day and i do them. saying that i admire that you repeat your work until its perfect - i would have to push myself to do that

naima xx
Aneesh said…
Nice thought provoking post. But, i would say, keeping dead lines, doing work in time, everything's good. But u know, we have a personal life too, it's not just work and whether you complete it in time or not, don,t forget to enjoy life. Time passes away so quickly, we won't get this age or time back. What we do now, do well, not just work, but life too...
madura said…
அடா அடா அடா....என்னமா இங்கிலிபீசுல‌ பெசுது..சாரி எழுதுது இந்த‌ பொண்னு...அப்ப‌வே ஆத்தா சொல்லுச்சு..ஒழுங்கா ப‌டிடானு..கேட்டேனா!!..

ஒன்னுமே புரிய‌ல‌ உல‌க‌த்துல‌....Procrastination ன‌ என்னாங்க‌??

ஸ்ஸ்ஸ் அப்பா இப்ப‌வே க‌ண்ண‌ க‌ட்டுதே......
Anonymous said…
procrastination is my lifes story!!!

Saranya said…
thanks for your comments everyone :)
k.ø.c.h.ü said…
Procrastination is the thief of our time.

DAT WAS COOL buddy..!!

n hey seems u r now in de 'voracious' bloggin mood ha ! :) sad itz just now i ssaw de 'follow' button..
Vani said… abt procrastination to me..he he.:P
Very nice post sanu. Co-incidentialy we posted abt the same thing..I read dis post long ago..but as I was in Uni at dat tym..I thought to comment later..and here I am- last one to comment..(Procrastination again.. :O )
Saranya S said…
Kochu: Oh good that u've just re-gained your vision..:) kidding. thanks.
Saranya S said…
Vani: Thanks Vani :) Yeah a surprise co-incidence. We will never learn, will we...lolz.

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