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Charges & all

While talking to our neighbour lady today, I've got to know that the council charges £25 to remove the garden wastes. And the green-bags should also be bought from the council to bin the garden wastes in order to be taken way by them. I wonder why they sell green-bags at the stores if we have to get them from council. If you wanna have a clean garden, then you pay!. Otherwise, you keep your garden with overgrown bushes and the next day your neighbour calls up the council and complains. Then you have to meet the risk of paying even more. Thats how the trick works.
Our neighbour wanted to get rid of her old TV recently and for that as well, the council charged her around £25.00 even though she explained that she and her husband are pensioners. I think the best way to dispose such electronics is to give them away to charity. If they are working properly. The way we used to get rid of old clothes at home, is to give them to charity.

You get a prescription from the doctor, and you have to pay the prescription charge of £7.20 per item at the pharmacy. Just for that scribbled paper from the doctor (and this excludes the price of the medicine). The charges for TV license and Radio license are also far too much. PLUS council tax in thousands.
These kinda charges in expensive amounts is an additional way to suck away the earnings from the public after the ridiculous amounts of tax that peope are paying to the government.


Vani said…
U have to pay if u wanna keep a clean garden nd u will also have to pay if u have an overgrown garden..OMG!!

U cant even get rid of ur waste things without paying for them..Dat sucks really :(

prescription charge - £7.20!! No thanks, I'd better stay ill..
Vani said…
Hey 1 post is missing sanu. I read ur post abt shopping y'day..But its not here nymore..
Vani said…
Aww..ok..juz seen ur update..
But still couldnt find that post..
**Someone please call the policeeeee!!**
brocasarea said…
kanagu said…
Another stupid, no-brain govt policy :( 7.5 pound just to scribble the tablet name is insane thing :(
kanagu said…
Another stupid, no-brain govt policy :( 7.5 pound just to scribble the tablet name is insane thing :(
Anonymous said…
so true - what a sad world we live in ...

naima xx
Priya Joyce said…
hmmm tats how ppl make money...these dys..

the solution u put up is reely gud..dear
swati said…
yeah but this is the bitter truth of ths world..extracting money is an art..n tat is wat is hapening around.

nice one!!

good day!
Saranya S said…
Vani: I know, what to do, thats how it is.
Yeah someone please get the police!!!! post has been stolen! ;)
Pratap: Yeah, 7 pounds.:( thanks for the comment.
Kanagu: Yep, getting ill costs -almost everywhere actually.
Naima: Yep :( thanks for the comment naima..
PJ: Yeah thats right. what to do. Thanks :))
Swati: Indeed swati, thanks for the comment :) Have a good day.
Suree said…
we r lucky that we don have such rules....

similar things can be seen in india soon ....
Karthik said…
London pattanam

Ellam kattanam

Kaiya neetinaa

Kaasu mazha kotanum :D
Saranya S said…
Suree: Yeah, probably. thanks :)

Karthik: LOL. Situation song huh? :D

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