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Of some people...

When you promise to take up a responsibility make sure you commit with the real interest that comes from inside. You must also be able to transform your words into actions, if not otherwise, don't go for it.
I point this out because of the way the world is. And I need little inspiration to write this.
I am surprised how many people don't respond to mails, phone calls and texts for weeks and sometimes ever. It's like, they have a mobile phone with no numbers in the keypad but they are able to open, read as well as ignore the messages and calls. They are the only people, who get all the troubles on their way, starting from reading the message/mail to the present situation of not being able to reply. That the fortune turned away from them. Well, the problem is not responding to anything.
One of the reasons given is that they had a deadline for something of a much more priority. But it wouldn't take half a min, or even less than that, to type : I have received your mail. I have to meet a deadline on x, so I will do that matter next week. Week after. Or whenever. That single line of reply would leave you with a way to come to a conclusion as to what should be done next whether waiting or doing the damn work yourself.
I agree there are times when one has to put a lot of effort in than others, because; he/she simply had to, of the responsibility they have agreed to undertake. Still Wonderful of them. Now you need some information from them, not for the sake of your own advantage, but for the whole team's. You call them five times, mail them 10 times, text them a number of times --no response and you haven't heard a peep! How would that feel?
Sometimes, you have to work harder than others in a committee, but that doesn't mean you can happily sit back and simply ignore the calls and mails for as long as you want. There is a reason why you are chased up. If you are not guilty, respond! Even if you are too, you better respond. Make things clear.
When you can't show up or follow up, let others know. Ask yourself, if you are able to cope with the work you are taking up before you do.
Saying an excuse might not change what happens or happened, however, surely it will do no harm. Its far more acceptable compared to the silence and hiding. Be responsible and

Have a good day.


Priya Joyce said…
well some r like that...u've correctly pointed out..sunno why..but the not only do..wat they've taken up but also fail to inform "why"

anyway...sometimes..we feel lame to respond to these ppl..

hav a nice day dear :)
Anonymous said…
lol good blog, seems like ur telling ppl off though

naima xx
brocasarea said…
true..i also get irritated sometimes..hardly it takes time to reply or mess...!!!
Saranya said…
PJ: Rightly said. You can do nothing about these people really.
Naima: Maybe ;) thanks naima.
Pratap: exactly! so annoying...
Aneesh said…
Well put, it's really hard to keep up with such people. Especially when they are your team members and they don't care when you are putting in so much effort. After all, the appreciation goes to the whole team.
kanagu said…
yes Saranya.. it will be really irritating... that happened to me lot of times..

now I have to make sure I am not like that :)
Saranya said…
Aneesh: Glad to see you here again aneesh :) Thats absolutely right. What to do, team work is also about the ability to cope with these people to get the task done.. thanks.
Saranya said…
Kanagu: If it happened to you so many times, you also better not be like that :)) thanks.
Karthik said…
Who is that culprit didn't reply your call and messages?? :D
Drwiz said…
You made a good point babe, there are no excuses in life :)
Saranya S said…
Karthik: PASS! hard qs ;)
Drwiz: there can be excuses but not too many times on the same issue. :)
k.ø.c.h.ü said…
hey hey..after a while herez a 'HIIIII'...:)

HMmm.."it's better 2 have a heart without words than words without heart" said Gandhiji..!!

nice post
"I am surprised how many people don't respond to mails, phone calls and texts for weeks and sometimes ever." AHEM AHEM N SOMEONE'S NOT VISITING MY BLOG TOO..GGRRRRRRRR
Vani said…
Nice post..Luks lyk u r telling someone off.. s true..Some ppl juz dont respond..coz dey r afraid of responsibilities, i think.
Saranya S said…
Kochu: Hii!! thank you. AHEM, some one only visits my blog once in a blue moon. lol.thanks for the comment. I will do show up more often.
Saranya S said…
Vani: Thanks vani :) Yeah almost...;) thats also true in a way, they might be afraid of being asked to take up a responsibility.

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