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Thoughts of today: Weekend, Shopping and Child abuse

Southampton is boring! Not getting a fixed time to go to London this weekend due to confusions over holding a meeting for the TamilSociety of our Uni. Its very unlikely that I am gonna get to go home. Hmmm. Paeds teaching/practical sessions -so far so good. Monday will only tell me the rest and the real taste of this attachment. Anyway, I was gonna say, So'ton is really boring. I went shopping on my own yesterday and still loved it. But then shopping needs a lot of output from my handbag so i better be a good girl and cut down on my shopping frequency :) The bank statements of the past 3 months are yet to come and will tell how good I have been. But I am gonna keep myself away from the shopping centre - not now but from next week would do. lolz. I am not gonna change am I? I have to though.

We have been lectured on safeguarding children today. I got to see some pictures of children who were being abused and I was surprised that how crucial a parent can get with her/his own child of even months of age. Because a baby cannot speak for self, you are not allowed to do hit or do whatever you want. It really makes a huge psychological impact even later in life.
There are many cases where fathers and stepfathers are involved in sexually abusing their daughters. I happened to watch one such case on Jeremy Kyle Show and was absolutely gutted. The current law on child abuse in UK is, you can hit a child without leaving a mark on. If you do leave a mark, then it is abusing. What it is used to be like in the old days? Children did get hit by the teachers at school by sticks and would you call it abuse? I would not, because there was a good reason/aim behind that act. But these days, its different and most people's minds are very vulnerable and out of control that some can't tolerate a baby's cry, lose temper and end up hitting them. And older siblings may grow up watching the parents' this sort of behaviour and it becomes nomore unusual to them and they will not hesitate to do the same to their children. In early days, they hit children for a reason but now, they hit a baby for crying uncontrollably because they can't take it and why they can't take it? perhaps they have other issues to care about like work stress and so on. And they fail to think why the baby cries, all they feel like to do is make the baby stop crying that min because they don't have the patience to tolerate the cry and to find out the need. Crying is the language that babies can use to tell you if there is something wrong with them or they need something or hungry. How harsh is it to punish them for that? I am talking about babies of only months old. Most of these happen because of unwanted children, teenage pregnancy and so on. And those children finally end up in foster care after neglected and/or abused physically and emotionally. What a sad world.
Signing off with the thought that may there be only happiness, successes and a better quality of life for every unwanted and neglected child in this world.
Take care.

You all have to forgive me again guys, I will come to ur pages soon. Waiting for the weekend to catch up on every post I've missed :)


Priya Joyce said…
as u mentioned out here..everything has psychological reasons behind it..

dunno ter somewer has to be a big tragedy/out of the world incident in the lives of people who abuse...
i'd once heard that those who r abused...tey also end up abusing others...
hmmm well a sad world..wer nothing is in place..
even the Earth wun be..if we we r..doing...

hmm mmmmmmmmMMMMMm

Hemanth Potluri said…
i dont know wat to say saranya..its so sad and i dont knw y this child abuse thing is going..i wish they could beat the people who abuse kids..i will give u a link soon saranya...hope ur studies goin well see u on weekend :)..

Anonymous said…
It's sad how cruel some parents can be. Take cae, Naima xx

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