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Couldn't think of anything to write on but thought to leave some words as it has been a week since I last posted. I wish, as many others that I had more than 24 hrs a day. This weekend was a blink. Didn't do much other than trying out some cooking, which I am majorly not into. Usually. And nope, I can't cook. Well, things like sandwich and boiling rice in the rice cooker are exceptional here ;) I didn't even know how to make tea when I came to Uni. and until my friend taught me how to. Yesterday passed by with shopping and cooking with friends. Mum wouldn't believe that we cooked. When I occasionally say that I am gonna try and cook something when I am at Uni. house, she ignores me as if I am talking impossible and carries on with whatever she is doing. Or otherwise just smiles. But after the cooking experience this weekend, I really don't think cooking is a hard job. It's just about mixing and boiling of things in right amounts. I believe.

So tomorrow is Monday. Grr! Waking up early, 9-5 lectures.... still gotta prepare for my hosp. session tomorrow and a lot of work to finish up. Studies are becoming very arduous and I have already given myself enough time thinking on how to manage my time well. But still haven't got a clear plan, like, eat times, sleeping and waking times, study time and all. Luv to wake up early like 5am and I tried to do that a few times. But then that the window opens after a couple of days and I am back to my usual. Hehe. Anyway, am signing off now....
Take care!!


Hemanth Potluri said…
any help in cookin...i am a big cook :P...haha...its nice to read from u after long time...:)..u to have a gr8 week ahead and rock it saranya...dont let those long lectures bore u and keep the smile and they will get irritated of u :P...keep smiling :)..

Saranya said…
Woww, you can cook? Thats awesome hemanth! Ye thanks, I wish tht they will hopefully be not that boring..
and wish u too have a good week ahead :) :):)
Kumiththa said…
cooking is not that hard if we try and It came out well for the first time. Well done!
I am also trying to wake up eary since 2007 but never happened..hahahaha....Good luck with it!
Saranya said…
So tru! Yeah thanks and well done to you too..hehe :)
and its really funny, that I am also trying to wake up pretty early in da mornin for years n it seems not to become a habit except during exams times.And that too happens only 'sometimes'. lolz.
Priya Joyce said…
this is wat i like in ur post ..u discuss ur gal

ma God u hav quite a busy schedule
Saranya said…
Thanks a lot PJ :) Yep wot to do... got a pretty heavy time table :((...counting for weekend already!
Aneesh said…
***It's just about mixing and boiling of things in right amounts.

Haha, mixing and boiling, how about frying?

All things are easy once you know how to do, isn't it. It's just the start that is the problem :)
Congrats on your first cooking lesson. Try the products on yourself before trying on others, we don't' want any causalities... HI HI
Anonymous said…
hello saranyaaaaaaa! i hope u make a time plan u can stick to!
I went jogging and i'm feeling rather not myself.only went for 6 like for ever...:/
okies just saying hi
Saranya said…
Oh yeah, I forgot about the frying option! Hehe ;)
Me n my friend ate that and we are still alive anywayy!! Hehe :) lol.
Saranya said…
Sudi: Hey Sudiii..:) Thats really good, try and increase the time. And yeah, I need to stick to a plan soon :) thanks.
Vani said…! cooking!..Dats somthing about which I hav no idea..U seem lot better dam me.. I often forget how to make tea..hehe :) man dats tough..I'm looking forward for the weekend already lyk u..Been very hectic week already..
Wish u better luck with folowing days sanu..
Saranya said…
Vani: Glad 2 know dat am not the only one..hehe :) thanks and Wishing u the same :)
k.ø.c.h.ü said…
Hi hi..."mixing n boilin things de right way is cookin ha?"...that was real cool...! Hope no die hard lover of cooking ever finds this post or he or she will burn this one! Cookin is an art, it seems, it requires skill just de kind of skill v use tying a surgeon's knot!
boilin de rice or makin coffee r stuff even i know(oops)...hi hi imagine u reachin tamil nadu, n yer mother in law (waz dat in tamil?) thrashin u 4 not knowin 2 make a filter coffee hi hi ! :-)
n hey, life's turnin hectic here too...gettin very less time 2 blog n all...but grr that doesn't mean u hav rights 2 keep away from my blog n commenting...grrr
Anonymous said…
Though the men are the real cooks, you all (girls) also should know how to cook. I can, not joking :). Dont be proud of and say that you cant cook, I dont know how to prepare the tea even ;)
Anyhow good that atleast you have tried to cook:) have a nice time...

Saranya said…
Kochu: some things can only get better..and cooking is one. And I am not too old.. to think about my "yet-to-know" mother-in-law, what, and whatnot should I know/do to make her happy. Lol. and there could be a lot more better reasons why should a girl know cooking than just for mother-in-laws n partners. But I accept that cooking is a skill, indeed. U were right. And anyone can master it if they have the interest and its not a great deal to learn it. Its easy, from my point. Maybe I did not precisely put my view in words when saying mixing and boiling. Ah well.
But if an expert cook reads my post, they will of course get hurt a lot..hehe.thanks for ur comment and sorry, I will check in urs soon :)
Saranya said…
Anonymous: Pardon me Sir. I am learning cooking, and the point was that I was proud of it. Proud of learning it... and knowing more cooking than I did before. I guess you misunderstood me!
bless they are working you hard!

My mum demands that i cook even though she knows i dont knwo how to do it lol


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