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Moving on...

Today was the first day of my GP (General Practitioner) session. The only fact that I am not happy about it is that the distance I have to travel to the surgery in Basingstoke, which is almost an hour drive. On motorway. They were supposed to pick us up at 1pm from the Uni. according to the printed info in the handbook, and we were waiting and waiting until one of us had to ring the office to find out what was happening. And then only we came to know that the pick up time is infact 1.40pm.

The session went okay. It took some time to recall the stuff we did last year. Well, it did for me. My GP teacher and the group are nice, verrryy enthusiastic ....but again, why did they have to send us to Basingstoke!! The first day actually made me go grrr! On the way back, there was a long long traffic jam caused by an accident. So we had to wait still for about half an hour and as the traffic finally reached the junction where we had to take the lane to Southampton, the traffic police stood there diverting.....and yea, that was where the accident happened. And there was an option for us to take the exit just before the blocked lane but we weren't allowed to reverse back so had no choice other than going around the opposite way to come back to the same lane. But as you can imagine on the motorways, it takes ages to get back to a missed lane and adding to that delay was the same traffic again! It was almost 7pm when I got back to Uni. from GP practice. Gosh...tiring. I returned from home to Soton last night and was damn tired so I couldn't really make myself comfortable or enthusiastic to take part in the discussion. Noticing this, the GP was keep picking on me.....and I was blank!!

Last year's GP surgery was just down the road where I lived last year. About 5 mins walk. But this time in B-a-s-i-n-g-s-t-o-k-e!?!! My god! Hmmm....
While our group was talking on the way back, though I didn't talk much, we asked each other qs like where else did you apply for, where is your home etc. I guess these kinda qs never die because I think even after going in to my final year, I will not know the every single of 240 students in my year. I will recognise the faces seen in the lecture theatres but would not be able to know by names. And ye, so each of us shared where we would have gone into if not medicine....and most of them replied of careers like midwifery, nursing, actor, etc and I said Engineering. Didn't think this was going to be a shock for them. When I said that everyone was like 'wwwaaahhhaat... and whyyyyy'.
I like Maths! gosh...get out of here...!/Didn't expect this!
These were what I heard. Hehehe. All of them were maths-phobics. Well, Engineering was the second choice in my list of only two after Medicine since my childhood. And there used to be a continuous a drift of choice between Med and Eng until I came to A/Levels when I decided to take over Med. I knew that once I stepped into Medical School there would be so little maths in my life therefore, to make the most use of the time I had, I did Accounting as a part time course in the evenings when I was in Year 12. But my first preference was to Science than Maths so I ended up in doing Medicine. And I do not regret not pursuing any other career paths.
And why did I like science and medical career -while pondering on this since my preparation for med school Interview, I realised its not a simple task to answer this. And still seems a tough qs. I might write a post on this at some point for those who are with very short attention spans.
As of now, its going pretty well. I guess. But very hectic. Stressful. Time consuming. Still enjoying it.
Every doctor goes through a hard time, dedicating themselves to reach their goal, and its definitely not a job for someone who is only money orientated according to what it is like here, in this country. It needs sincere dedication and determination. And not many understand that fact.
I wish and pray that the love I have with my career should only grow and grow each day and not begin to dwindle at any point.
Wish you all a good week ahead!


Kumiththa said…
traffic jam on motorways are always annoying. I can see how much you enjoy your course. Best of luck with other three years and I am sure you will do fine..
Priya Joyce said…
yupp we all need to love the career we hav chosen.

though at some point of tym we mite feel bored by our subjects but still..

hav a good week dear..
Aneesh said…
Lot of incidents on one day.. That might be an experience :)
Right from your childhood u like medicine? wow! In my childhood, I don't even have an ambition... hi hi.
Yah, doc job is more than money.. playing with the life of people..
Love for career is good.. but don't let it take your life. Otherwise, you'll forget to enjoy life...
May we have the luck to see you as a great doc.. and may be get treated one day.. HI HI
Good Luck.
Vani said…
I'm really sorry about ur motorway exprience..That happens sometimes..

And yeah..being a medical student is not something very easy..It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices ,determination..and most of all- love for that career..otherwise it would be impossible to become a doctor..
Hemanth Potluri said…
have read the motoway accident thing..but ur safe sound thats cool naa..:)..and u r medical studies not that easy i know..:)..but u have my full support always :)..

Anonymous said…
awww im sorry ur GP sessions have to be miles away :[
erm engineering huh i would think wow clever gurl!
u know u are the cleverest girl my eyes anyhow:]
p.s i miss u...i hope ur doing super gd in spite of the stress
brocasarea said…
seems like u made a right decision.....:)

i always wanted to be a doc[from childhood]...and am doing it now:)

u into final year???....whts the duration and all???[just curious:)]
Saranya said…
Brocasarea: Thanks for that :) Nope not into the final yet :) Just in my second. The course is 5 years.
Saranya said…
Kumiththa: Thanks a lot :)

PJ: Thats true :) thanks.

Aneesh: Yep, may I also wish that I ll be a good doc...and may what you wish as well come true :)

Vani: You are very right vani :)

Hemanth: thanks a lot :)

Sudi: aww, thanks a ton hun..:)
brocasarea said…
that means clinics has just started?? hutchinson book famous there too??;)
Saranya said…
Almost. This post was about my first GP session of this semester...but we had the same sessions every other week in first year as well.

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