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My bookmark

I possessed a bookmark, which was living between the pages of my many books for almost 6 years! It was not just a bookmark, but a precious gift from one of the teachers of my high school. Another speciality of it was that, that bookmark was released as a special product during the 250th Anniversary of The British Museum. And, as per my nature, I keep gifts of anything very special and do not throw them away. This one, the bookmark was so special as it was from a teacher...and the whole point of this ranting is that I've lost it! Have been searching for the past two days and still no luck. :(
Now, as always, I wish there was an invention which finds objects at home like we can search and find words on computers!


brocasarea said…
haha..tht will a boon to absentminded people like us!:P
Vani said…
Aww..I'm so sorry u lost it Sanu.
Keep luking girl, u'll find it somewhere.
I think I could do with one of those inventions to help me find lost things. :D
Saranya said…
Jamal: U r trying to say somethin? Kidding, thanks :)

Pratap: LOL!! :)

Vani: Aw, thanks hun, I am keep looking. I will not rest until I find it or get a new one though it wud not compensate the lost! :)
Anonymous said…
aww hope u find it soon. i have like 30 odd bookmarks in my room i jst collect them lol naima
Priya Joyce said…
hope u fine it dear....hehehe yeh wen u get that invention pleez mail it to me to..I also wander around searching things :P:P
Kumiththa said…
I am sure you will find it soon..keep looking!
Hemanth Potluri said…
u will find it saru...have a gr8 holidays...:)..

Aneesh said…
Yup! its hard, when we lose something priceless or that gives us a nostalgia...
Well, you are right if we have a Google for the real world, it would have been easier.
I hope you'll find it soon, with the missing book.
pisku said…
Happens sometimes when u look too hard u wont find it. But suddenly it'll show up someday!
Viajero said…
So have you got your bookmark....think the silverfish might have taken it ;-)
Saranya said…
Viajero: Nope, not yet :( I've kinda given up...I'll be glad if I eventually find it some day.
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