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Journeying in life

What a variety of people you come across throughout your life. It is true that a long time is needed to get to know a person at least half. I just can't imagine how some people can turn so self-orientated. I don't know if I have already met a person in the extreme spectrum of selfishness and an unkind mind. But definitely, some who are significant enough to be placed somewhere along the nearest. All I have been thinking is, after having lived for sometime adjusting down and sometimes standing on the ground for rights, which still feels so indecent to go down to their level to achieve something, I wonder if this is one of the initial stages of my life to meet people of all characters. It also makes me think on the other hand that if I could get away with some people with extra-ordinary annoying attitude, I can get along and away with anyone in the future. Not sure. Remains to be seen whether most people are like this kinda souls Or is it just that I have met one of the one in thousands.

I have many phases to go past in my life, and at every phase I will stop and look at, the different kinda people I come across and are they better than those I have met previously or worse. All I wish is, may this be the last time I have to get through the most unpleasantly selfish people of my life. Yet, if this was so, I am glad that I met these people who taught me how to deal with the most absurd people and their attitude. May I wish you, that you go to a work place or wherever, there are only people who are polite and kind, wish them not to have an attitude that they look out at the world and think that the whole world is theirs'. Not to take you for granted. And above all to behave human.
Lots of love.


brocasarea said…
just an iceberg...later people r more competitive and self centered!!

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